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ColorWare starts custom iPhone sales

ColorWare custom iPhones

ColorWare, famous for creating and selling custom-painted iPods and Zunes, has now turned its attentions to the iPhone. Shoppers can pick from a variety of solid and metallic colors for virtually any aspect of their phone, from the frame and back, to the earbuds and Apple logo....

Toshiba dips into custom laptop skins

Toshiba custom laptop skin

Typically known as a straight-forward, often business-oriented computer maker, Toshiba has taken the unusual turn of starting LapJacks, a service that creates custom skins for laptop lids. The skins are made of removable vinyl, and can be ordered to fit any size of laptop, regardless...

Text Wielder creates custom OS X services

custom OS X services

Tinnef Software has released Text Wielder, a text processing application which can be used to create and provide custom services via the Mac OS X service menu. Services can be used to process text, generate and open URLs, generate and execute Applescripts, display processed text in a dialog box, or create...

Apple comes clean with South Park Season 10

iTunes customers appeased

Apple is doing the right thing for iTunes customers who cried foul after purchasing a South Park, Season 10 Season Pass in mid-November, only to discover that the pass was good for half the season. Apple explained to one MacNN reader that Comedy Central had decided to 'split' the season into two halves...

CLC offers custom bioinformatics SDK

Custom bioinformatics SDK

CLC bio today announced the release of a new Software Developer Kit (SDK) for its bioinformatics software products. The CLC Developer Kit enables the more than 26,000 worldwide users of CLC bio's software to customize their bioinformatics workbenches to their specific needs. Users can download software...

ifrogz launches Custom Screen Creator

Custom iPod 'Screenz'

iPod accessory maker ifrogz today officially launched the beta version of its Custom ifrogz Screen Creator, enabling users to create custom 'Screenz' to further enhance iPod individuality. Customers can upload any image or graphic to create a decal that covers an iPod's clickwheel...

Apple treats customers like "an enemy"

Apple, customer treatment

Apple is treating its customers like an enemy, according to an InfoWorld blog. Dave Rosenberg outlines his troublesome encounters with Apple's retail store in Palo Alto, CA, as he sought out repairs for his faulty keyboard. After pointing out his squeaky spacebar to an Apple Store "Genius," Rosenberg...

Apple tops in customer satisfaction

Apple beats out Dell

The quarterly American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) today released its 2006 second quarter report, saying that Apple continues to lead the PC industry in customer satisfaction with a score of 83, up 3 percent bringing it into the top 15 percent of all companies measured....

DRM "hurts" customers, partners

DRM "hurts" customers

The hotly-debated topic of digital rights management (DRM) restrictions imposed upon consumers of digital works to guard against piracy continues to rage, as one columnist claims that only two types of DRM exist, and that Apple's FairPlay DRM hurts both customers and partners....

Custom iPod, iBook, PowerBook skins

Custom iPod, laptop skins

Skinit has released Skinit Skins, a series of vinyl covers designed for more than 1,000 different mobile devices which include Apple's iPod, iBook, and PowerBook. Skinit categories include art, collegiate, comics, entertainment, fashion, flags of the world, military, models, music,...

Custom-colored MacBooks ship

Custom-colored MacBooks

ColorWare today began shipping MacBooks with a custom color coating that features a glossy finish. The "X2" scratch resistant coating is available in nearly two dozen colors, and adds protection from everyday wear and tear. The coating is guaranteed to be completely stain-proof,...

Wrappers offers custom MacBook sleeves

Custom MacBook sleeves

Wrappers today introduced customizable white sleeve covers for the new Apple MacBook. Users can personalize their notebooks with the slim-fitting protective sleeve that features a customizable logo. Wrappers sleeves are machine washable, and customers can choose personalized lettering...

Custom painted Mac mini cases debut

Custom painted Mini cases

FastMac today announced a full line of custom painted Mac mini cases available for pre-order. Consumers will experience zero downtime, and the company includes all the necessary tools for installation. Colors currently offered include Onyx (black), Chili (red), Bubblegum (pink),...

Wrappers offers customized iPod Nano covers

Custom Nano covers

Wrappers today launched a customized, protective Nano cover for organizations offering iPod nanos as incentives or promotional gifts. Covers are personalized with corporate colors, featuring the company name on one side and "nano" on the other. Covers are made from ultra soft...

J&R offers custom painted iPod minis

Custom iPod minis

J&R Electronics is offering custom-painted iPod minis in Ferrari Red, Smoke White, and Lamborghini Yellow. The company is offering the 4GB version of the iPod mini for $250. Paint jobs are done by professional painter ColorWare. The coating renders it stronger & more scratch-resistant than the original...

Apple adds customer reviews, ratings to iPod Store

iPod Store customer review

Apple has added a feature to its new iPod Store that lets customers submit their own reviews--as well as a 1 to 5 star rating--for third party products listed on the store. "Within five days, Apple will take a closer look at your review. If it follows the terms and conditions...

Wildform ships new Custom FX Collection for Wild FX

Custom FX Collection

Wildform today released a new utility that allows users to create unique video titles and sophisticated text animations: The Custom FX Collection for Wild FX ($40) and Wild FX Pro ($100) contains 400 effects, including fully customizable versions of the effects that come standard with each program. In...

Apple Store SoHo celebrates two millionth customer

SoHo hits 2M customers

The Apple Store SoHo in New York City celebrated its two millionth customer, according to Apple: "Around 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 6th, our two millionth customer, Christine Quiqless, came through the front door of the Apple Store in SoHo. She was awarded a 12-inch iBook G4, Silver iPod mini, Airport...

InfoWorld: Apple keeps its customer base segmented

Apple customer base

Tom Yager's most recent Ahead of the Curve column for InfoWorld tackles Apple's segmented customer base, which the company is able to capitalize off of. "Members of a core group feel recognized and protected, as though their preferred vendor exists to serve them alone. To those who only need PowerBooks,...

Barclays bringing Apple Pay to UK customers early next year

Last major UK bank will support Apple Pay months after launch

One of the last major financial institutions in the United Kingdom that currently does not support for Apple Pay in the country will be offering it to customers, though later than expected. Barclays will be joining the roster of UK banks, including Lloyds, HSBC, Natwest, and Santander, in allowing owners...

New Amazon program pays individuals for delivering to other customers

Amazon Flex will pay drivers to deliver Prime Now orders

Amazon has launched a service that allows its customers to pick up some extra cash, by working as a part-time delivery driver for the retailer. Leaked last month, Amazon Flex will pay drivers to perform deliveries for it's Prime Now one-hour delivery service in a number of markets, with participants...

Banks alerting customers to data theft, Hilton Hotels alleged source

Revealer of Target breach, Brian Krebs, claims November 2014 start

While still unconfirmed, multiple independent sources have found data suggesting that the Hilton Hotel chain has suffered a massive theft of customer data from a large number of locations. Banks have sent out alerts since August about the theft, which has been tied to a point of sale intrusion at hotel...

Apple provides $3 refunds to all Peace ad blocker users

Peace developer claims Apple performing refunds for all customers

Apple has taken the highly unusual decision to refund all purchasers of the Peace ad-blocking browser, the developer has confirmed. After voluntarily taking the app out of the App Store after being listed for a few days, and providing refunds to customers requesting their money back, developer Marco...

The Big Deal: Ten Mac apps in the MacUpdate Fall Bundle for $50

Early MacUpdate Fall Bundle customers get extra weather app

Occasionally, MacNN discovers a deal that is a bit too important to go into the normal Daily Deals post, so we highlight it in its own post instead. The Big Deal this time is the Fall Bundle from MacUpdate, featuring ten apps that can help improve your Mac experience by fixing common issues, making it...

Sprint tempts DirecTV customers from AT&T with free year of service

Free wireless service, contract buyout offered by Sprint to DirecTV subscribers

Sprint is attacking AT&T and "celebrating" its competitor's merger with DirecTV, by offering existing DirecTV customers free service for a year if they switch carriers to Sprint. Starting from today and running until September 30, existing customers of the satellite TV service can activate new lines...


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