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OWC intros USB adapter for multiple displays

OWC USB display adapter

Other World Computing has introduced a USB 2.0 display adapter that can be used to add multiple displays to a PC or Mac. The device plugs into an available USB port, while the displays can be connected via HDMI, DVI or VGA cables. Full 32-bit color is supported, along with resolutions...

Wisair announces Wireless USB Display Adapter Set

Wireless USB Adapter Set

Wisair has announced its latest USB Display Adapter Set featuring the WSR601 wireless USB single chip, and designed to wirelessly transfer PC content to TVs, monitors, and projectors. Each adapter set offers CGA and HDMI connection options that enable the transferring of HD...

Quartics develops USB secondary display adapter

USB Display Adapter

Seeking to provide extra screen area for computers with few choices for external displays, Quantics has just produced a USB Display Extension. The external adapter combines a multi-port USB hub with hardware that can output a secondary image, reducing the necessity of a DVI or...

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter revealed with Miracast streaming

Wireless Display Adapter mirrors Miracast device display on connected television

Microsoft has unveiled a new compact adapter for wirelessly streaming video from a computer or device to a television. The Wireless Display Adapter can be used to share content from any Miracast-enabled device, allowing for a television to be used as a secondary monitor or as a larger display for presentations...

Hitachi unveils USB NAS adapter

Hitachi USB/NAS adapter

Hitachi has released a compact adapter under its SimpleTech label that allows any USB hard drive, memory stick or SD card to become a network attached storage device. The SimpleNET USB/NAS adapter includes two USB ports and a 100Mbps Ethernet jack to bring external disks online....

ASUS, Realtek work on Wireless USB displays

ASUS Wireless USB Displays

ASUS and Realtek on Friday said they would team up to introduce a computer display based on Wireless USB. Using a built-in Wireless USB adapter, a future ASUS display line will connect to a host computer without using any cables or requiring special setup; like most wired USB...

Griffin unveils new iMic USB audio adapter

iMic USB audio adapter

Griffin Technology today unveiled its new iMic USB audio adapter, improving on the old design with support for modern hardware. iMic connects virtually any microphone or sound input device to iBooks, PowerBooks, Power Macs, or other Mac/PC systems with a USB port. iMic supports...

Sonnet debuts iPod USB power adapters

iPod USB power adapters

Sonnet Technologies today announced a new line of compact USB power adapters for Apple's iPod. The adapters support fourth- and fifth-generation iPod models, iPod mini, iPod shuffle, and iPod nano. Sonnet's iPod USB Power Adapter is small, curvy, and versatile--"it's about two-thirds...

Apple releases OS X 10.11.2, iOS 9.2, tvOS betas to developers

Beta version for new Apple TV requires USB-C to USB-A adapter

On Tuesday, Apple released new developer betas of OS X 10.11.2 and iOS 9.2 (both the second betas to be released), as well as a first beta of tvOS, which is presumably numbered v9.1. The new iOS beta comes two weeks after the initial public release of iOS 9.1, and one week after the first beta. The OS...

Keyspan ships enhanced USB Serial adapters

Keyspan ships enhanced USB Serial adapters

Keyspan has announced new versions of its USB PDA Adapter and its High Speed USB Serial Adapter, which offer enhanced performance and a new physical form factor to "make them more convenient to use."

Kensington dock brings displays via USB

Kensington USB Display

Kensington on Tuesday brought the first devices for the Mac to support a display connection over USB. A new version of the sd200v Notebook Docking Station borrows technology from DisplayLink that allows Mac OS X systems to connect not just ordinary peripherals but also video...

Keyspan ships new USB PS/2 Adapter

USB PS2 Adapter

Keyspan is now shipping its new USB PS/2 Adapter for Macs and PCs. The USB PS/2 Adapter makes it easy to connect a PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse to a single USB port. At $20, Keyspan's USB PS/2 Adapter solves a connectivity problem resulting from the lack of PS/2 ports on most new laptops and desktops....

MacWireless offers USB-based wireless adapters

USB wireless adapters

MacWireless today introduced its MacWireless 11b USB Stick, a compact device that instantly enables any laptop to access an 802.11b wireless network. The WiFi device also incluides a 7.5-inch flex extension cable that can be raised as its own adjustable antenna. The 11b USB Stick works with Mac OS 9.0.4...

NewerTech launches USB 2.0 Display Adapter

Device allows extra monitors

NewerTech has launched the USB 2.0 Display Adapter, which lets people add an extra HDMI, DVI, or VGA display to a Mac. Each adapter permits one additional screen, up to a maximum resolution of 2048x1152. Macs can host up to four adapters, while Windows machines support up to...

Apple to replace faulty European 5W USB power adapters

Units can potentially overheat

Apple has announced a free program to replace what it says are potentially dangerous European 5W USB power adapters. The adapters are identifiable by an "A1300" model number, and the letters "CE" displayed in solid, dark gray. They were available between October 2009 and September 2012, and bundled...

TRENDnet sends out USB phone adapter for Skype

TRENDnet Skype Adapter

TRENDnet this morning released its ClearLink VoIP USB Phone Adapter as a simple bridge for owners who want to use their analog phones with Skype. Attaching through USB, the adapter transforms any existing phone into a VoIP phone while leaving open the option of reverting back...

Targus ships USB Bluetooth adapter

Targus Bluetooth adapter

Targus today announced the availability of its USB Bluetooth Adapter for notebook computers. It allows users to wirelessly connect up to seven Bluetooth devices, such as printers, PDAs, mobile phones, mice and keyboards, to their notebook computer. "Users can install the Bluetooth Adapter by simply connecting...

OS X 10.9.4 makes unannounced fixes to Mac Pro rendering problems

Solves issues with video editors, multiple displays

This Monday's OS X 10.9.4 update appears to have made undocumented fixes to rendering problems with the 2013 Mac Pro, users say. Under v10.9.3, people running video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve were encountering problems such as crashes, freezes, pink and green lines...

Apple starts power adapter 'Takeback Program' to fight knock-offs

Comes on heels of deaths, injuries in China where fakes are common

Following a pair of reports of Chinese citizens being badly shocked -- in at least one case to death -- from what were discovered to be counterfeit and unsafe third-party USB power adapters, Apple is launching a worldwide program to exchange the fake or "no-brand" chargers for "properly designed adapters"...

USB WiFi adapter claims 1,000 ft range

Bus-powered WiFi device

hField Technologies has begun shipping the Wi-Fire, a USB WiFi adapter for the Mac that purportedly allows users to to connect to a wireless networks from up to 1,000 feet, more than three times the range of Airport cards and other 802.11 adapters, at "significantly higher speeds,...

Apple iPhone Q&A: box contents, iTunes 7.3?

iPhone Q&A: iTunes 7.3?

Apple has published a Questions and Answers (Q&A) Web page about its forthcoming iPhone that lists the box contents and states specifications, which interestingly mention iTunes 7.3 or later as one of the phone's requirements. The device, which is due to hit store shelves this...

Giveaway: Two Kanex prize packages!

Kanex prize package giveaway

The holidays may be over, but to kick off the new year right Electronista is giving away not one, but two gift sets from Kanex. One gift set features the Kanex iAdapt V2 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter with audio support. The other gift set includes the Kanex C247d Apple...

Keyspan ships TuneView for iPod

TuneView for iPod ships

Keyspan on Monday announced it is now shipping "TuneView for iPod," a powerful remote with color LCD screen and 2-way RF connectivity that provides a new wireless way to manage an iPod. "TuneView is unique. It's unlike any iPod remote that you've used before," said Keyspan president...

IOGEAR debuts enables wireless printing via Bluetooth

IOGEAR Bluetooth devices

IOGEAR has introduced a new Bluetooth devices, which allow users to share one printer and print from multiple devices. The Bluetooth USB Print Adapter ($70) is a palm-sized, single-port device that allows users to send print jobs wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled computer to any USB-enabled printer....

WiJET.Video: 802.11g wireless display adapter

WiJET.Video: 802.11g

OTC Wireless today announced the WiJET.Video, a high-speed, 802.11g wireless projector and display adapter: "By connecting the WiJET.Video to a video projector, LCD, plasma screen or other display unit, users can now wirelessly transmit full motion video." WiJET.Video can connect to a standard VGA port...


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