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WD ships Scorpio Blue drive in 7mm ultrabook-friendly form

WD Scorpio Blue now ready in slim form

Western Digital on Wednesday started shipping a new version of its Scorpio Blue hard drive tailored for ultrabooks and otherwise thin notebooks. At 7mm tall, it fits in spaces where regular 9.5mm drives won't but can still have as much as 500GB of space. The design has the simultaneous...

Western Digital begins shipping 250GB Scorpio

WD's 250GB Scorpio HDD

Western Digital has begun shipping an upgrade to one of its laptop hard drives, the 2.5-inch Scorpio. Though it is available in other capacities ranging from 40 to 160GB, the new flagship model is 250GB, putting it in direct competition with Samsung's Spinpoint M5. Like the...

Computex: WD demoes new high-speed SATA Express drive interface

New technology backwards compatible with SATA-3 drives

Hard drive company Western Digital is showing the first PCI Express hard drives at Taipei's Computex this week. The prototype introduces the new SATA Express interface, a form of PCI Express technology, which is offered on the recently-launched Intel series-9 chipset motherboard platforms. The SATA Express...

International SATA-IO board ratifies SATA 3.2 standard

New standard codifies PCIe, SATA express, other technologies

The industry consortium dedicated to sustaining the quality, integrity and dissemination of Serial ATA (SATA) technology, the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) today announced the ratification of its revision 3.2 specification. The latest specification includes SATA Express, a new specification...

Western Digital ships 640GB notebook drive

WD Scorpio Blue 640GB ready

Western Digital this morning began shipping the 640GB Scorpio Blue, one of the first drives above 500GB to fit in most notebooks. It uses two 320GB platters to reach its capacity while still measuring 9.5mm thick and thus thin enough to fit in particularly slim portables like...

SATA 3.0 spec now official

SATA Revision 3.0 spec out

The Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) consortium on Tuesday released the Serial ATA Revision 3.0 specification, which doubles the transfer speeds of the current SATA II interface to 6Gbps and adds multimedia application support. The SATA 3 specification is backwards...

WD ships slim 500GB notebook drive

WD Scorpio Blue Ships

Western Digital on Friday began shipping the 500GB Scorpio Blue, the company's largest-capacity notebook drive. Claiming a record in the process, Western Digital says the disk is the only one to make no sacrifices in size or speed to reach its storage goal. The Serial ATA...

Standards group unveils SATA 3.0 specs

SATA 3.0 specs released

Data on the next version of the SATA connection standard has been unveiled, according to its governing body. The SATA-IO group has announced early specifications for SATA Revision 3.0, which it expects to be finalized by the end of this year. The initial specs relate to the...

TDK to launch smallest Micro SATA SSD drives

TDK's micro SATA SSDs

TDK will debut its HS1-series solid-state disk drives at the Computex Taipei 2008 show due to start tomorrow in Taiwan. At 1.8 inches, the drives are the smallest on the market to use a Micro SATA interface, and are meant for notebook computers and industrial devices. The drives...

IOGEAR: SATA, eSATA accessories, upgrades

SATA, eSATA upgrades

IOGEAR on Monday introduced new Serial ATA (SATA) and External SATA (eSATA) products, including PCI and PCI-Express card adapters, enclosures, and cables. The new storage upgrades and accessories offer a faster, cost-effective option for increasing their disk drive speeds,...

WiebeTech: SATA drive enclosure, DriveDock

New SATA drive enclosure

Storage specialist WiebeTech on Monday announced its newest RTX Single SATA drive enclosure with TrayFree Technology as well as its most economical DriveDock for accessing data on (bare) hard drives. WiebeTech's RTX100-SJ features an eSATA and USB2 connection for maximum compatibility....

WD ships thin 320GB notebook drive

WD Scorpio 320GB Drive

Western Digital on Wednesday began selling the Scorpio 320GB, the company's largest-ever portable hard drive. At 9.5mm (0.37 inches) tall, the drive is slim enough to fit into thinner notebooks but spins at 5,400RPM, outperforming previous drives that had to throttle back to...

FirmTek ships SATA PCI-X port multiplier

SATA port multiplier ships

FirmTek today began shipping its SeriTek/2SE4 PCI-X adapter, a Serial ATA (SATA) controller card announced at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco earlier this year that provides connections for up to 20 hard drives. Each drive is capable of transferring at 3Gbps, making total...

Sonnet debuts SATA RAID storage systems

Sonnet SATA RAID systems

Sonnet today debuted its desktop Fusion D400Q and 1U rackmount Fusion R400Q SATA storage systems at NAB 2007, as well as its Fusion D500P desktop SATA storage system. Sonnet today also unveiled its Fusion D800RAID 8-drive and Fusion D400RAID 4-drive SATA disk array storage systems. The company's Fusion...

ATTO debuts SAS/SATA RAID cards

SAS SATA RAID cards debut

ATTO Technology is planning to unveil a new line of SAS/SATA RAID Adapters that offer flexible SAS and SATA II connectivity while delivering fast data transfers of up to 3Gbps per port. The new ExpressSAS RAID adapters are the industry's first and only devices of their kind with a true low-profile form...

Granite debuts 8TB SATA storage system

Aluminum SATA storage

Granite Digital today released a new line of Aluminum SATA storage systems. The newly redesigned storage systems feature less moving parts and are run cooler than previous designs, according to the company: "These new SATA Aluminum RAID and Backup Drive Systems are faster, cooler,...

Sonnet\'s SATA cards support PCIe Macs

Sonnet expands SATA lineup

.Sonnet Technologies (booth 2528) today announced a new line of Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Serial ATA host adapters. The Tempo SATA E4P with four (4) external ports and the Tempo SATA E4i with four (4) internal ports are compatible with the newest PCI Express Power Mac G5s: both...

WiebeTech ships IDE/SATA RAID, SATA drive bay

WiebeTech SATA drive bays

WiebeTech today announced its TrayDock Extreme and TrayDock eSATA, affordable RAID storage solutions with either 2- or 4-bay reloadable drive trays. TrayDock Extreme provides a hardware based "striped" RAID for IDE/SATA drives and attaches to any FireWire host, while TrayDock eSATA offers a software...

OWC ships Accelsior S PCIe 4x card for direct installation of one SSD

Card gives biggest boost to first generation Mac Pro tower with SATA 2

Mac and PC technology company Other World Computing last week announced the the Accelsior S, a new PCIe card with direct mount support for a 2.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s SSD. The latest addition to OWC's Accelsior line enables PCs, Mac Pro towers and Thunderbolt interface expansion chassis users to add additional...

RocketStor 5411D dock brings peripheral, drive sharing to LAN users

Multiple USB 3.0 ports, SD card slot, SATA dock in one dock

HighPoint Technologies continues to expand its USB 3.0 product portfolio, and has unveiled the RocketStor 5411D USB 3.0 Drive Dock and Hub. The palm-sized docking station combines multiple USB 3.0 ports, a card-reader, SATA drive dock, and universal charging station into a single device.

Briefly: Patriot's new storage, speaker, and charging case products

Patriot releases new USB flash drives, Ignite SATA III SSD

Patriot has announced the launch of a variety of products, including the second generation of its Supersonic Magnum and Rage USB flash drives, as well as the Ignite SATA III SSD. The Supersonic Magnum 2 and Supersonic Rage 2 both include USB 3.0 connectivity. The Magnum 2 will be available in 256GB and...

HighPoint releases RocketStor 6328 Thunderbolt 2 RAID adapter

Hardware solution supports eight SAS, SATA drives in RAID, more with multipliers

One of the first hardware RAID adapters for Thunderbolt 2 has popped up on the market from accessory maker HighPoint. The RocketStor 6328 features seven RAID configurations, supporting SAS and SATA hard drives and solid state drives.

Toshiba sampling 7mm 2.5-inch 1TB hard drives to manufacturers

New drive line packs 1TB in two-platter, 5400RPM drive series

Toshiba's storage division announced today that it will has commenced providing samples of a new line of 7mm thick, 2.5-inch hard drives to computer and tablet manufacturers. The new ultra slim line will be available in 750GB and 1TB sizes, with retail availability some time in 2014.

Foremay puts world's first SATA 2TB 2.5-inch SSDs on sale

First high-capacity SSDs using SATA instead of PCIe

Manufacturer of industrial solid state drives Foremay has released what it claims to be the world's first two-terabyte (2TB) SSD drives with a standard 2.5-inch SATA connection. The two drives, the SC199 for industry and the TC166 for desktop computers, does away with the previous high-capacity SSD requirement...

Startech premieres Unidock 3U USB 3 drive dock

Dual drive docking station supports PATA, SATA

As a response to user requests, Startech unveiled the new Unidock 3U. The open dual hard drive docking station allows for one Serial ATA (SATA) and one older Parallel ATA (PATA or IDE) drive to be connected simultaneously with a USB 3 high-speed connection to the host computer.


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