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TAM recovery after OS X install

TAM recovery after OS X install

A MacNN reader noted a method for recovering from an installation of Mac OS X on a Twentieth Anniversary Mac, which apparently renders the machine unuseable: My TAM, after installing Mac OS X, was rendered completely dead. After letting the system sit for several months, yesterday I ran across...

MacNN Deals: Charge your iPhone with these battery packs

Assorted portable batteries on offer from MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals, we are showcasing some of the offers available from our own MacNN Deals store. Today's highlights are all ways to recharge your mobile devices, including a high-capacity battery pack, one that tops itself up with solar power, a bundle of stackable chargers,...

QuickerTek ships USB-C MacBook battery with eight hour boost

Two capacities of battery available -- 8 and 48 hours

Macintosh upgrade purveyor QuickerTek has announced the 2015 Type-C MacBook External Battery. The product featuring the USB 3.1 adaptor cable necessary to power and charge the 2015 Apple 12-inch MacBook and can give Apple's portable up to eight more hours of runtime on a single charge.

MacNN Deals: Three portable battery packs for charging your smartphone

External batteries for charging devices while away from home on sale at MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available on our own MacNN Deals page. Today's collection of highlights are all external battery packs that you can use to charge your smartphone, tablet, or other device if they lose power while out and about, without...

MacNN Deals: Charge your devices with battery packs, surge protection

Six-outlet surge protector, two super-sized battery packs available on MacNN Deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals, we are showcasing some of the offers available on our own MacNN Deals page. Today's collection of discounted items to help you power your devices, including a pair of high-capacity battery packs for portable charging, and a supersized surge protector to maximize...

LG Chem creates higher-capacity hexagonal batteries for smartwatches

Six-sided batteries offer 25 percent capacity increase over rectangular counterparts

Smartwatches with higher-capacity batteries could soon be hitting the market, if manufacturers adopt a new battery from LG Chem. The battery, hexagonal in shape, is said to provide up to 25 percent more capacity compared to similar-sized rectangular batteries, which the company believes can provide up...

Apple, A123 Systems settle lawsuit over battery employee poaching

Former battery tech company went bust after key employees left for Apple

A battery technology company that suffered an exodus of key employees to Apple has now told a court that it and Apple are in the final stages of working out a settlement. A123 Systems filed suit against Apple in February after the iPhone maker recruited A123's former chief technical officer, Mujeeb Ijaz,...

WSJ: Google X research team working on improving battery technology

Four-man Google X team includes ex-Apple battery expert

The secretive Google X Labs is working on ways to improve battery technology, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. A small group of four engineers is said to be working on the project, which could help the company increase a number of its other projects that depend on batteries, including...

Dyson invests $15M into Sakti3 to develop longer-lasting batteries

Solid state battery technology can offer double battery life of lithium-ion

An investment by British vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson could lead to an increase in battery power for other devices. The company has signed a joint development agreement with battery startup Sakti3, as well as investing $15 million, with the ultimate aim of commercially producing lithium-ion batteries...

Battery replacement program for iPhone 5 extended until 2016

Small batch of iPhones may have short-lived battery

A battery exchange program for some iPhone 5 users has been extended into from this year into 2016. Initially limited to "two years after the first retail sale or until March 1, 2015, whichever gives longer coverage" the language on Apple's website for the program was quietly changed to run through January...

New Jersey man hospitalized by exploded iPhone 5c battery

Man claims battery spontaneously exploded, lit his leg and pants on fire

An iPhone has reportedly exploded in a Long Island, New York man's pocket, sending him to the burn ward for 10 days. Erik Johnson was given a swath of third-degree burns on his left thigh after he bent over to get keys, when he heard a pop and, according to Johnson's claims, the battery burst and caught...

Apple sued after allegedly poaching battery scientists, engineers

Top battery-tech workers defect, may have violated anti-compete agreements

According to a new lawsuit filed against Apple, the iPhone maker has been poaching employees from a vehicle-oriented "advanced energy" technology company called A123 Systems over the past eight months for a new, unannounced battery division at the iPhone maker. The latter company says that Apple and...

Panasonic upgrades processor, battery life in Toughbook 31

Rugged Toughbook 31 notebook lasts for up to 18 hours on single battery

Panasonic has made a few upgrades to its long-running and long-lasting Toughbook 31. The hard-wearing Windows notebook now uses a 5th-generation 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 processor, improved Intel HD Graphics 5500, expanded connectivity, and a bump to the battery life, but still manages to retain its rugged...

Pointers: Five quick and dirty iPhone battery tips

Ways to save power can return you to 'all-day' battery life

You've got to hand it to Apple. We were in an Apple Store, trying to decide between an iPhone 6 and a 6 Plus, as you do, and naturally a salesman came over. We mentioned that one thing that's really drawing us to the Plus is the battery life -- and you know what would have then happened in any other...

Opinion: Battery life should dictate Apple Watch release strategy

Battery life is critical to widespread consumer adoption of the Apple Watch

As an early adopter of all types of technology, I will be among the first to get my hands on an Apple Watch when it launches early next year. There is a lot that Apple looks to have nailed with it, including the typically elegant industrial design, advanced materials and system architecture combined...

Moto 360 teardown reveals smaller 300mAh battery used in smartwatch

Smaller battery, round components found in Motorola Android Wear device

Motorola's Android Wear smartwatch is, as to be expected, difficult to repair. A teardown by iFixit showed the Moto 360 is not designed to be taken apart for maintenance at all, thanks to large amounts of glue, with the report also noting that the 320mAh battery capacity quoted by Motorola may be inaccurate,...

Briefly: Hue Pro 10,000mAh battery, new Full HD vehicle recorder

Hue Pro 10,000 mAh external battery released, can simultaneously charge two devices

JunoPower has released the Hue Pro, a new external battery capable of charging two devices simultaneously. The 10,000mAh battery features a brushed aluminum casing, with a built-in LCD screen that displays how much power is left and when recharging it is required. Its high-powered LED flashlight offers...

Analyst claims iPhone 6 may have 2100mAh battery

Upgrade would increase battery life, but be offset by display drain

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 may have a 2100mAh battery, claims a Chinese analyst, Sun Chang Xu. That figure would be a 45.8 percent leap over the 1440mAh of the iPhone 5s. A recent report indicated that the iPhone 6 will have a 1810mAh battery.

Android L's Project Volta shows impressive battery savings in testing

Battery life gain of 36 percent found in tests compared to Android KitKat

The next version of Android could give a significant increase to the battery life of smartphones and tablets, early testing of the mobile operating system has shown. Project Volta, an attempt by Google to minimize the amount of battery used by apps and Android itself via various internal improvements...

Sony announces Vaio Fit repairs for battery fault will begin in May

Repairs, refunds offered over Vaio Fit battery overheating fault

Sony has issued an update to its Vaio Fit 11A overheating warning, advising the company is starting to accept reservations for repairs from customers. Starting from May, Sony will be working with its third-party supplier, previously identified as Panasonic, in order to replace the non-removable battery...

Sony warns of fire risk from non-removable Vaio Fit 11A battery

Panasonic-sourced battery at fault for three reported overheating incidents

Sony is warning owners of its Vaio Fit 11A notebook to stop using the computer, because of potentially hazardous battery issues. Non-removable batteries produced by Panasonic used in approximately 26,000 of the notebooks apparently have the potential to overheat, risking physical damage to the outside...

Lenovo recalls ThinkPad battery packs in US, Canada, China

Recall notice points to two incidents of battery packs overheating, causing damage

Lenovo is recalling notebook batteries used in its ThinkPad ranges, following two reports of battery packs overheating and damaging equipment, though no reports of injury. Approximately 34,500 batteries in the United States and 2,900 in Canada are subject to the recall notice by the US Consumer Product...

Nvidia reveals GeForce 800M mobile GPUs with Battery Boost

New Nvidia GPUs will limit performance to save battery power

Nvidia is hoping to improve the battery performance of gaming notebooks, with the release of six new mobile GPUs. The unveiled 800M-series graphics chips will offer up to double the battery life of previous generations when the notebook is being used for gaming, with the company also carrying over a...

Mophie demos Space Pack, adds battery and more storage to iPhone

New case available in 16, 32GB capacities; adds 1,500mAh to battery

Battery case manufacturer Mophie introduced today the Mophie Space Pack, the company's first smartphone case with built-in storage for iPhone 5 and 5s. The Space Pack not only doubles the battery of the iPhone, but increases its storage capacity -- allowing users to keep more documents, videos, music...

Nikon faces complaints over aftermarket battery-blocking firmware

Third-party batteries, grips not compatible with latest DSLR firmware

The latest firmware update for some Nikon digital cameras has apparently caused some unexpected issues for some owners. Reports have surfaced suggesting that the update, which is supposed to help the camera more accurately detect the remaining charge for a specific battery used on some DSLR and Coolpix...


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