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Io HD and KONA cards compatible with new Mac Pro

Io HD, KONA OK for Mac Pro

AJA recently announced that its Io HD and KONA lines of video capture equipment fully support the new eight-core Mac Pro, which is based on Intel's new Xeon 5400 processors. Despite undergoing a complete overhaul, the upgraded components do not pose a problem for AJA; normally,...

Apple intros 3.2GHz Mac Pro

Mac Pro Jan 2008

Apple today introduced its first comprehensive update to the Mac Pro since August 2006. Using the 45-nanometer Penryn architecture that forms the foundation of the Xeon 5400 line, the new workstation clocks at up to 3.2GHz with a faster, 1,600MHz bus and as much as a 12MB...

Mac Pro announced

Mac Pro Announced

As virtually everyone was hoping for, Apple finally switched its pro tower line to Intel processors. Gone is the Power Mac; in its place is the Mac Pro, which uses two Xeon 5100 chips in either 2, 2.66, or 3 GHz increments. Expansion is much improved over the G5: there...

OS X 10.7.3 beta hints Radeon HD 7000, new Mac Pros

Mac Pro video details slip out early

Signs of Apple's long-in-waiting Mac Pro update emerged in earnest after a discovery in the latest Mac OS X 10.7.3 beta. Netkas found code references in the ATIRadeonX3000 driver extension to "Tahiti," the known codename for AMD's upcoming high-end desktop Radeon HD 7000 line....

Apple starts taking orders for 12-core Mac Pro

Mac Pro goes on sale with 5870 as stand-alone

As expected, Apple today started taking orders for the new Mac Pro. The new systems are now known to include three configurations and include not just the 2.8GHz quad-core and 2.4GHz eight-core systems but a third 12-core, 2.66GHz model. It comes...

Wondershare Video Converter Pro supports AVCHD

Video Converter Pro ships

Wondershare has released its newest application, Video Converter Pro for Mac. The software is used to convert a large variety of video types or rip media from non-commercial DVDs. The application supports AVCHD video and can extract audio as an MP3, AAC, WMA or AIFF file. Videos...

Newertech announces eSATA cable for Mac Pro

New SATA cable for Mac Pro

Newer Technology has announced its first eSATA Extender Cable, which is compatible with all Mac Pro models. The cable connects to the two unused internal Mac Pro SATA ports and replicates them in a PCI slot, allowing users to use two external eSATA connections. The cable is...

Avid promises Mac Pro, Leopard support

Avid for Mac Pro by Dec.

Avid Technology today announced its plans to expand the wide range of video and audio content creation solutions that will be available for Intel-based Mac systems, including the new Mac Pro workstation introduced last week at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. The Avid Video division expects to...

Sonnet debuts new Mac Pro rackmount solution, Thunderbolt P2 reader

RackMac Pro allows two Mac Pro computers in 4u of rack space

Upgrade component maker Sonnet is debuting a pair of new Thunderbolt devices at this year's IBC2014 industry conference. New this year are the RackMac Pro dual-Mac Pro rackmount solution for Apple's cylindrical computing powerhouse. Additionally, the company is also releasing the Thunderbolt Pro P2 Card...

Giveaway: Win a copy of MacX Video Converter Pro

win a copy of MacX Video Converter Pro

Even though it may not feel like it in all parts of the United States, spring is here -- and to celebrate, Digiarty is giving away 40,000 copies of MacX Mobile Video Converter software for free. In addition, MacNN has teamed up with Digiarty to give away ten copies of MacX Video Converter Pro, which...

Closer look: Apple Mac Pro unified thermal core, Intel Thunderbolt 2

Unified thermal core, Thunderbolt 2 make Mac Pro design possible

The Mac Pro (Late 2013) is a perfect example of an electronics product that only Apple can bring to market first. If you look at Apple's current and past product range, it has often been the first to introduce new technologies, new manufacturing processes, and/or custom parts. The Mac Pro features the...

Apple deals: Thunderbolt Displays and Mac Pros

Thunderbolt Displays and Mac Pros

This week at Apple's online store, save on refurbished Apple displays, Mac Pros and more. The refurbished 27-inch Thunderbolt Display has been reduced by $200 from $999 down to $799. Also priced at $799 is the refurbished Apple LED Cinema Display. Pair either display with a refurbished Mac Pro with a...

Bare Feats: new iMacs crush Mac Pros in Final Cut Pro X

Finds current models tying with Mac Pros

The speed and graphics testing site Bare Feats has tested the latest release of Final Cut Pro X on three very different models of Mac -- a 2010 Mac Pro 3.33GHz 6-core Westmere with 24G of ECC DDR3 1333MHz RAM and a Radeon HD 5870 GPU (1G GDDR5); a current-model iMac (a 2011...

Current Mac Pro running out for in-store pickups

Apple retail reservations hint at new Mac Pros

Evidence of new Mac Pros mounted on Friday as Apple's in-store pickup option is now running out of systems. Both the four-core and eight-core systems are alternately showing as "unavailable" where they were listed as available to reserve as recently as Thursday. Online, both...

NVIDIA working on GeForce GTX 285 for Mac Pro

NVIDIA GeForce for Mac Pro

NVIDIA is working on a high-end video card for the Mac Pro, the GeForce GTX 285 Mac Edition, according to AppleInsider. The company has not yet disclosed complete details, but the component will be manufactured by EVGA and offer two dual-link DVI ports instead of a Mini DisplayPort....

Mac Pros blocked from iTunes HD output over DVI?

Mac Pros and iTunes HD

Some Mac Pro owners may find themselves unable to properly view HD-quality video bought or rented from the iTunes Store, an account alleges. In the wake the iTunes 8.1 update, at least one user is said to have discovered that his Mac Pro will no longer play HDCP-encoded iTunes...

Apple unveils Nehalem-based Mac Pro

Nehalem Mac Pro

Apple on Tuesday morning updated the Mac Pro Mac Pro based on Intel's Nehalem architecture. The first-ever Mac to use the technology now supports triple-channel, DDR3 ECC memory and builds a memory controller directly into an updated, faster line of Xeon processors. Doing...

Ars Technica on "Mac Pro" specs

Ars on Mac Pro specs

A quad-core "Mac Pro" will likely prove an expensive venture for Apple, according one report detailing predictions about Apple's forthcoming Mac Pro. Ars Technica has offered a detailed tally that includes 1GB of RAM, an ATI X1900 XT graphics card, 250GB hard drive, motherboard,...

Apple deals: iMacs, Mac minis, Mac Pro

iMac, Mac Pro

This week at Apple's online store, find savings on refurbished iMacs, Mac minis and Mac Pros. The refurbished 21.5-inch iMac with a 2.7GHz Intel quad-core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive has seen a $250 discount to $1,049. A $270 discount is offered on the refurbished 27-inch iMac with...

Apple deals: Mac Pro and iMac

Mac Pro and iMac

This week, Apple's online store has a selection of refurbished Mac Pro and iMac models on sale. The refurbished Mac Pro with a 3.2GHz quad-core Xeon processor, 6GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive has been cut by $360 to $2,139. A whopping $560 has been cut from the cost of the Mac Pro with dual 2.4GHz Intel...

SFBags debuts Mac Pro Go case for Apple's cylindrical powerhouse

Case tailored to fit new Mac Pro, Keyboard, cables, mouse

WaterField Designs introduces the new Mac Pro Go Case, designed to protectect Apple's powerful computer and its accessories in transit. The rugged ballistic nylon case holds the Mac Pro and Apple wireless keyboard plus a mouse, cables and power cord.

Apple deals: Mac Pros and MacBook Pros

Mac Pros and MacBook Pros

Today at Apple's online store, buyers can find price cuts on refurbished Mac Pro and MacBook Pro models. The refurbished Mac Pro with a 3.2GHz Intel quad-core Xeon processor, 6GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive has been cut by $360 to $2,139. A $560 discount drops the price on the Mac Pro with dual 2.4GHz...

Apple deals: Mac Pro and iMac

Mac Pro and iMac

Right now at Apple's online store, find big savings on refurbished Mac Pro and iMac models. The refurbished Mac Pro with a 3.2GHz Intel quad-core Xeon processor, 6GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive has been reduced by $360 to $2,139. A $250 discount on the refurbished 21.5-inch iMac with a 2.7GHz Intel quad-core...

Apple deals: Mac Pros from $2,139

Mac Pros from $2,139

Today at Apple's online store, chose from a wide selection of refurbished Mac Pro models. The Mac Pro with a 3.2GHz Intel quad-core Xeon processor, 6GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive has been reduced by $360 to $2,139. Priced at $2,549 is the refurbished Mac Pro with a 3.33GHz Intel six-core Xeon processor,...

Closer look: Apple Mac Pro AMD FirePro D-Series dual GPUs

AMD FirePro D-Series power the Mac Pro to new performance highs

One of the many exciting new features of the Mac Pro (late 2013) is Apple's choice to opt for dual AMD FirePro workstation GPUs as standard fitment, which certainly caught the eye of many observers. The previous generation Mac Pros included the option to fit dual CPUs, but as you can tell from the radical...

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