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DealNN roundup: MagSafe power adapters and more

MagSafe power adapters and more

This week at DealNN find savings on monitors, MagSafe power adapters and more. The LG 24-inch LED HD monitor is available today from for the reduced price of $199.95, even with the $10 shipping fee this is the lowest price we have seen offered anywhere. This monitor features built in speakers,...

Apple sues three MagSafe adapter clone sellers

Apple targets three for copying MagSafe design

Apple on Thursday sued three US resellers for allegedly infringing on the patents behind the MagSafe power adapters for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The Northern District of California complaint accuses Brilliant Store, Hootoo and Sunvalleytek International of selling copies...

Apple sued over MagSafe adapter safety issues

Apple sued over MagSafe

Apple is the target of yet another lawsuit, as a joint complaint accuses the company of distributing unsafe MagSafe power adapters and forcing customers to buy replacements instead of addressing the problem with an improved design, according to AppleInsider. The plaintiffs,...

Apple promises replacements for MagSafe adapters

MagSafe adapter problems

Apple has admitted faults in some of the MagSafe power adapters bundled with MacBooks, according to support documents. The company says that insular material on the cable -- particularly near the magnetic connector -- can tear prematurely, exposing the underlying wire. Aside...

MagSafe auto charger ships for MacBooks

MagSafe auto charger

Mikegyver Computer and Tech (MCT) has developed a Magsafe vehicle charging adapter for Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro that allows owners to charge their laptops on-the-go. The accessory supports charging Apple's Intel-based notebooks in cars, boats, on airplanes, and around...

Apple files for Magsafe patents

Apple magsafe patents

Apple has filed for two patents related to its Magsafe power connectors, a small mechanism that attaches a power supply to its laptop via magnetism, preventing potentially damaging accidents resulting from tripping over the power cord. The patents, titled 'Electromagnetic connector...

Daily Deals: MacBook Pro, MagSafe 2, Toshiba 55-inch HDTV

Online deal highlights for November 10, 2015

Welcome to today's installment of Daily Deals, the post where the staff of MacNN scours online retailers for discounts, bundles, sales, and discounts on hardware, software, games, and gadgets for you, the discerning reader. The new sales joining the still-alive deals include a Toshiba 55-inch HDTV for...

In with the new: USB-C connector on new MacBook explained

Port is full of potential, but accompanied with loss of Magsafe

Apple spent very little time detailing USB Type C alongside its new MacBook -- this is expected, given the magnitude of the overall announcement. Despite a spec for it being released in parts over the last two years, USB Type C isn't well understood, and we'd like to help. So, once again, MacNN and Electronista...

Rumor has 12-inch MacBook Air dropping most ports, getting USB Type C

May drop MagSafe for new charging method

Apple's alleged future thinner, 12-inch MacBook Air will forego many of the ports seen on current MacBooks, a new rumor says. The claim comes from the same site that suggested the computer will come in gold, silver, and space gray colors, like the iPhone 6. The new report further indicates that Apple...

QuickerTek EyeBattery upgraded to support MagSafe 2 adapters

New battery gives up to four hours of runtime for Retina display laptops

Power solutions provider QuickerTek, has just unveiled an external battery for the Apple MacBook Pro line of laptops, including models with the new Retina display. The new EyeBattery adds up to four more hours of battery power to the MacBook Pro. Two models support either version of the MagSafe connector...

Radio Shack expands Apple accessories line with Mac options

Keyboards, Magsafe, Airport devices, cables and more now available

Coming on the heels of a similar expansion of Apple offerings in US Staples stores in February, Radio Shack has opted to expand its current line of Apple-made iOS accessories with additional offerings aimed at Mac owners, including wired (and wireless) keyboards, Magic Mouses and Trackpads, Magsafe power...

Apple starts shipping new Thunderbolt Display SKU to retail

May include adapter for MagSafe 2

Apple is now shipping a slightly different SKU of the Thunderbolt Display to first- and third-party retail stores, 9to5Mac says it has learned. Recently Apple was reported to have retired the original part code for the monitor, MC914LL/A, in favor of MC914LL/B. Because Apple hasn't made any announcements,...

Apple details replacement, settlement plans for bad MagSafes

Cables may be at risk of separating

Apple has posted a fresh support document for what it's calling the Adapter Replacement Program. Part of the outcome of a class action lawsuit, the program covers 60 or 85W T-style MPM MagSafe adapters used with MacBooks or MacBook Pros. The accessories may be prone to something...

Apple awarded patent for Magsafe-type connector on iPad

May be hint of future without 30-pin connector

In addition to winning design patents for the original iPod and iPod Nano along with the fabrication process behind the touchscreen used by the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Apple was awarded a patent yesterday for a feature that has not yet appeared: a method for integrating...

Apple patents MagSafe adapter with integrated fiber optics

Cable hints at Light Peak support

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for a new power adapter that integrates fiber optics for data transfer. Images associated with the filing appear to show a MagSafe connector modified to carry a single fiber-optic cable or multiple channels. Rather...

Lawsuit pins Connecticut housefire on MagSafe adapter

Plaintiff claims Apple was aware of defects

A new lawsuit accuses Apple of neglecting the safety of its MagSafe power adapters, according to AppleInsider. At the core of the dispute is a fire that hit a Connecticut family's home on May 23rd, 2008; the plaintiff cites the Glastonbury town fire marshal as tracing the incident...

HyperMac stops sales of MagSafe adapters after Apple lawsuit

Battery will continue to be sold without adapters

HyperMac has announced that it will cease selling its external battery supply unit with MagSafe adapters. According to Sanho, the parent company of HyperMac, the move is in direct response to the lawsuit brought against it by Apple. In its open letter, notably bereft of references...

Apple patent for MagSafe mobile devices surfaces

Apple bringing Macbook charging tech to iPhone?

The US Patent & Trademark office has published a new Apple patent for a MagSafe adapter that it may apply to the design of future mobile devices. The sketches (below) appear to depict a device that could fall into the same category as Apple's iPhone and iPad. The MagSafe adapter...

Apple sues company for producing knockoff MagSafe adapters

Knockoffs selling for almost half of Apple's price

Apple has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Media Solutions Holdings, a company that has allegedly been producing and distributing knockoff MagSafe power adapters. The Apple patent, No. D478,310, was initially issued in 2003. The defendant sells the AC adapters, including...

Redesigned MBP MagSafe adapters to ship soon

Redesigned MBP adapters

Apple is reportedly halting shipments of MagSafe power adapters for the MacBook Pro in favor of redesigned models due later this month. The stop was enacted because of apparent design flaws that can cause the units overheat and fray, especially at the connection point between...

Briefly: iMac vs. VAIO, iPod knock-off

MagSafe melts, mini DVD

In brief: Electronista has posted a comparison between the upcoming VAIO LS1 and the iMac Core Duo which concludes that, in the future, Sony's integrated TV tuner may be a hindrance.... Samsung's new phone, the Z610, has a very iPod-like appearance according to leaked FCC documents...

Briefly: Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs, MagSafe 2 Snuglet

Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in biopic, according to interview

Christian Bale is set to play the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the forthcoming biopic film written by Aaron Sorkin. Previously considered for Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Sorkin said in Bloomberg interview that there wasn't a need for Bale to audition for the role due to being a good fit. The latest screenplay...

Hands on: Henge Docks Vertical Docking Station for Retina MacBook Pro

Vertical dock allows for stylish computer use with closed laptop

Accessory manufacturer Henge Docks has extended its Vertical Docking Station line -- a custom-designed dock that allows vertical storage and use of a MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The peripheral allows for use of all of the ports on the left-hand side of the machine and then some, including a pair...

Appeals Court kicks back Apple power adapter class-action settlement

Says fee paid to original attorney claimants too high, judge made appeal too difficult

A settlement agreed to by Apple and a pair of legal firms over early Magsafe adapters and their tendency to fray has been kicked back to a federal district court for reconsideration by the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals over concerns that the original judge had failed to properly safeguard the deal...

Apple wins new iPhone 4, iPad, MagSafe design patents

Core designs of iPhone 4, iPad 2 secured

Apple has won the rights to several important design patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office. These include the look of the iPhone 4, which is credited in part to lead designer Jonathan Ive, as well as the company's co-founder, Steve Jobs. Ive is also cited in all the other new patents, such...


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