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Complex, robust, and effects galore. (August 17th, 2005)

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Product Manufacturer: iProv, LLC

Price: $29.95 download; $39.95 boxed CD

The Good

  • Incredibly simple and effective to use.

The Bad

  • Periodic inconsistencies necessitated relaunching the application.

If you're a typical power user, there never seems to be enough hard drive space. A 60 GB drive really only offers about 50 GB of usable space after formatting. The remaining space tends to fill up inexplicably. Where does all that hard drive space go? Where'stheFreeSpace software helps answer that simple question on all Macintosh OS X systems.

Folder or Volume?

WheresTheFreeSpace allows you to choose a folder or volume, including any external drives attached to your Macintosh. The preferences let you filter results, including file extensions of your choice. WheresTheFreeSpace displays how much space is used in kilobyes and as a percentage of the initialized drive. It displays the drive contents similar to the Finder list view. Just click an arrow next to a folder to display enclosed folders, and the space their contents consume.

Finding the Used Space

I discovered that my Users folder takes up the bulk of my system drive (57%). Clicking ever deeper into my drive, I located my hungriest folder, the Final Cut Express documents folder (17.13 GB or 30%). If I so choose, I can easily reclaim the lion's share of my drive in just a few minutes, rather than hunt and toss for a few hours! WheresTheFreeSpace instantly displays the space taken up by each user of a boot volume at the click of a button. It is very useful in a multiple user environment to quickly identify who is consuming how much space.

Incredibly Simple

WheresTheFreeSpace is incredibly simple to use. Launch it and choose a drive or folder, then click through the directory tree. Unregistered users are limited to the primary drive or a folder in the active user directory. Registered users may select any active drive or any folder, as well as users on those drives. That's it. It took longer to type these instructions than to actually do it.

Ciphering As Advertised

WheresTheFreeSpace does exactly what it advertises. For those with huge hard drives and multiple users, it is clear how WheresTheFreeSpace can save its asking price in time alone when investigating who and/or what is consuming the most hard drive space. Who has the time to go through a hard drive folder by folder to cipher out this information?! Let WheresTheFreeSpace do it for you in a fraction of the time and make your Mac more productive in minutes.

Save Now

The best news is that MacNN readers can save $10 by using promo code "MACNN" when they purchase WheresTheFreeSpace® on their web site, listed above.

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor

by Mike Swope


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