Review: USB Power Adapter for iPod

Small and very portable (July 24th, 2006)

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Product Manufacturer: Sonnet Technologies, Inc.

Price: $19.95 US

The Good

  • Small and light. Supports fast charging. Black and white available. Charging light.

The Bad

  • Need a knife to open the packaging.

iPod travel accessories that don't set you back more than a good meal in an airport are always welcome. Apple's iPod USB Power Adapter is big, bulky, and expensive, Griffin's solution is smaller, but the same price. Sonnet's solution, designed with flair, ships with its own USB cord with a dock connector, for $10.00 less than these others.

Small, Light weight, and collapsible

The Sonnet USB Power Adapter is much smaller than the others too, and weighs only 1.3 ounces, so it adds nothing to your luggage. Although it is only 1 5/8" wide, there is a slight outward curve above the blue LED light, which prevents it from sitting flat against a wall. It does fit more easily into a multi-plug power adapter though. Its collapsible non-polarized blades allow you to plug it in with the USB port on top or on the bottom. This feature alone has saved me time searching for an outlet in my over power-stripped apartment. The Adapter also comes in European and UK-compatible models, but the outlet blades do not fold in those models.

Fast Charge your iPod

The Sonnet Adapter is compatible with all fourth and fifth generation iPods, including the often forgotten, iPod shuffle. It also supports the iPod fast charge, which according to Apple's site, lets you charge a depleted iPod battery up to 80% in about two hours. The remaining 20% charges in another two hours, using a trickle charge. This means you're up and running more quickly if you forgot to plug your iPod in for the night.

I've been using this adapter for a couple of months, and I like its convenience, portability, and style. By the way, it's available in black or white, so you can coordinate your iPod wardrobe. My only complaint is the blister pack it ships inside, which is miserable to open.

by ilene hoffman, Reviews Editor


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