Review: UNIEA U-Suit

A leather-like fitted case for your Mac portable. (October 30th, 2007)

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Product Manufacturer: UNIEA Corp.

Price: $69.95 US

The Good

  • Fitted laptop case. Protects from scratches, dings, and dirt. Accessible ports. Adds style to your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

The Bad

  • Site advertises leather cases, but they are leather-like. Adds bulk to the laptop.

UNIEA has a MacBook and 15.4-inch MacBook Pro protective cover that simply snaps on to your laptop. The cover offers full protection from dust, dirt, and stains as well as the occasional light bump.

Protective Qualities

The U-Suit is a leather-like material that snaps on the external side of the display and underneath the base. It wraps around the exterior of your Mac with a cut out for the display latch, optical drive, and ports. Inside the outer covering is a layer of ABS plastic, which protects yours laptop from everyday bumps and knocks from the exterior of the display panel to the corners. While there's no real impact protection, it does give your portable Mac a new style and design that turns heads when they see the Apple logo encased in this cover.

U-Suit picture

Photo of Black U-Suit by Oni

UNIEA has done well with the precise measurements of this cover, because it exposes your Mac in the right places and protects your notebook where it counts. The combination of the cushioned exterior and the plastic also provides an element of heat absorption. I am able to use my Mac without it being uncomfortably warm on my lap.

Style and Design

I tested the black U-Suit for the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro and personally, I like the look and the protection it offers without compromising usability. I can work normally, without the cover getting in the way. Even though the material isn't real leather, it is a quality finish. Most people probably cannot even feel the difference. It is easy to remove, because you can just snap off the two shells.

The MacBook and MacBook case come in a marbled red, blue, white, and gray color, while the Napa case choices are white, red, black, and purple. I'm no fan of the purple version, and would rather see a nice chocolate brown model.


UNIEA has created a range of cases that adds a stylish look to your Mac. It differentiates it from all the other silver laptops. The only other criticism I have is that the U-Suit, like any other cover, adds extra weight to your notebook as well as increases its overall dimensions by a noticeable margin. I like the protection it affords, the fit, and the style.

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by Onwah Tsang, guest contributor


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