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This is a preview of an unreleased product, so it is not rated (June 23rd, 2005)

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Product Manufacturer: Monkey Business Labs

Price: Free!

The Good

  • Nice graphic, easy to use, and like the check box for finished items.

The Bad

  • Wasn\'t able navigate with the keyboard, plus it handles long text items poorly.

Monkey Business Labs offered us a preview of their new list tracking software available for download on Friday. We don't usually cover freebies, but I was up and needed to create a list, so it was kismet.

First, upon downloading the software, it landed in my Widgets folder inside my Home folder. I guess this is a good thing, but it caught me by surprise. I've only downloaded a few widgets though and because I had checked the Safari preference option: Open "safe" files after downloading, the widget was thoughtfully put in the right place. This is a nice feature for those thousands of new Tiger users. I probably should have read more about what I was downloading too - but when the boss says try this, who am I to ask questions?

As it happens I was searching for paper to make a list for tomorrow's itinerary as the widget downloaded. The new widget solved that problem, because it is a to do list maker, aptly named, To Do Tracker. It's orange icon stands out nicely in the Dashboard. When launched, I was greeted with a small top-bound spiral notebook, not unlike the ones I carry in my purse.

I double-clicked on the top red text and changed the title to the date, and double-clicked on a blank line and started typing. A convenient checkbox appeared, so I can check off the items when done. Arrows on either side of the title let you turn pages, which is a bit odd because the wire binding is on the top; but not a big deal. A small black selection arrow lets you see and select from a list of notes you've entered.

Upon typing a rather long entry, I hoped that the text would automatically scroll to the next line, but no such luck. To read a long item you have to select the text and scroll sideways or use the arrow keys. I'd prefer the text to pop down or even show the extended line of text though. As this is a preview product, maybe the developer can fix it.

So, after a few minutes of playing with To Do Tracker, I give it my vote as a useful product. I'll just use it to remind myself of the myriad of phone calls to writers and vendors I make each week.

Go ahead and try it, you'll like it. While you're at it, also check out TV Tracker. Remember I said I'd only gotten hold of a few widgets? Well, turns out the first one I grabbed is also by Monkey Business Labs. My cable doesn't work right on one of my TVs so I use TV Tracker to check for mindless entertainment a couple of times a week. It was a bit slow when it first came out, but works like a charm now. It's a time saving widget for me.

You can see all of Monkey Business Labs' tracking widgets on their site, listed above.

by Ilene Hoffman


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