Review: Speck FlipSkin for iPod Video

Two-color rubber iPod video case with a stand. (February 15th, 2007)

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Product Manufacturer: Speck Products

Price: $34.95 US

The Good

  • Nice rubberized finish. Stand has adjustable angle. Screen protector is crystal clear.

The Bad

  • Small gap between screen protector and case. Finish of the inside of the case could be better. Slightly bulky because of the stand. Must remove case to use a Dock.

It is common knowledge that the iPod is the best MP3 player available, but it is a fingerprint and scratch magnet. Speck Products offer many different cases for the iPod, including the innovative FlipSkin. The built-in stand is one of the first ones available.

A Closer Look

The FlipSkin is a silicone protective case for all the presently shipping 5th generation iPod video models. A rubber spacer ships with the case for the 30GB model. They stylized case has a grey and black rubber finish, which makes it very easy to grip. The removable screen protector is made of hard clear plastic. You insert your iPod into the case by pushing your iPod into the cutout for the screen, and then refitting the screen protector. It is very easy to get your iPod into the case, but reinstalling the screen protector is a slight problem. The piece of rectangular plastic that goes in front of the iPod screen is held in place by a recess inside the case. It relies on the iPod pushing the screen protector against the inside of this recess. This did not provide a very secure fit and a tiny gap may let dust in.

Stand Your iPod

The FlipSkin built-in stand sits flush on the back of the case when not in use and easily pulls out when you want to stand your iPod up. The stand is on a simple ratchet mechanism, so you can adjust the angle to suit your needs. The inside of the case, around the ratchet area, worries me, because it is not smooth rubber inside, and you can see the ratchet mechanism. This did not mark my iPod, but for peace of mind, I would like to see this area covered.

Good Case with Caveats

When your iPod is in the FlipSkin you have full access to the uncovered click wheel. There are also cutouts for the dock connector, headphone socket and hold switch. You cannot dock the iPod with the case on though. Other users reported that they had trouble plugging in headphones with some jacks. On a positive note, I really like the clarity of the screen protector, the way I can choose the angle of the stand, and the rubber feel of the case. If you want a reasonably priced iPod case with a stand for convenient viewing, than this is well worth a look.

by Dave Cryer


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