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See your work with disposable Mac laptop screen protectors (May 11th, 2006)

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Product Manufacturer: Macally

Price: $19.99 US

The Good

  • Provides basic screen protection. Cant leave it behind. Three sheets in each package.

The Bad

  • Reflects light and glare may interrupt work.

Nothing detracts from the shining beauty of my PowerBook like fingerprints and smudges on the screen. Whether caused by dirt from the keyboard, or fingerprints from some help person pointing something out, a messy screen is a distraction. If you've ever tried to or delete an extra period or character in Word, or edit a smudge out of photograph, only to discover it is your dirty screen, than you know what I mean. For years, I have used the soft leather keyboard protectors because they protect the screen against keyboard marks and remove oils from the keyboard. They work well, but are easily forgotten or dropped. They also do not offer protection against fingerprints on the screen

Available for all laptops

Macally has a selection of plastic-like screen protectors for the iBook, PowerBook, and MacBook Pro portables. Each package contains 3 plastic screens and one screen wipe. To apply the screen protector, use the enclosed screen wipe to clean both the screen and the keyboard. Starting in one corner, attach the thin band of adhesive on the top and slowly draw one finger over the adhesive and continue to hold up the protector so that it goes on straight. You get the best results if you smooth your finger lightly over the adhesive to prevent bumps. It is important for the protector to lie flat against the screen to prevent light from pooling in one area of your screen. It took me a couple of tries before it lay flat and even. On my 15" PowerBook, there is a small 1/6" space on the side and bottom that is not covered by the protector. Since Apple did change screen size t, the discrepancy is not MacAlly's fault. This small area that is not covered does not present a distraction.

Keep it neat and clean

The first thing I noticed was a sharpening of text, a very good thing for me. The second effect, which is a bit unfortunate, is that the plastic screen protector reflects light. If you are working by a window or a lamp is shining directly on your screen you may experience some problems with reflections or glare. You need to decide whether this presents an unworkable condition as lighting varies. The screen protector does an excellent job of keeping my screen clean, and free of dirt, smudges, and dust. The protector is easily wiped off and if it becomes scratched, you can easily replace it. The adhesive did not leave discernable marks on my screen when I removed the screen protector. I am thrilled to be able to work with a clean and bright screen each time I open the machine.

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor

by P.A.M. Borys


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