Review: ReSource Power Station

A place to charge everything in one place (July 7th, 2006)

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Product Manufacturer: ReSource, Inc.

Price: $19.95

The Good

  • Easy to use. Great for dorm rooms, offices, and kitchens! Included cable ties allow for better cable storage.

The Bad

  • Not particularly attractive. Large transformers might not fit in the storage compartment. Gray unit is not pretty. Site doesn't say where they can be purchased.

Our portable electronic devices enable us to listen to concerts, speak to anyone, carry data, and capture our visual world, as long as their batteries hold a charge. Few of us have the luxury of unlimited wall outlets, so we often have to choose which devices to charge first and what outlets to use. Ensuring that all batteries are charged when we need the devices requires forethought and time.

Charging your Life

The ReSource Power Station solves the issue of charging space and wall outlets, because it provides a surface on which three devices can charge at once. The box, made of gray or black plastic, has sliding bars on top that adjust to hold a variety of devices. The charging cables flow out of front slots and up to the devices resting on top. A 4-foot power cord extends from the back of the unit.

The Power Station provides an electrical extension like a power outlet and houses a circuit breaker with a reset button. Set-up is a breeze. Press a button on the front to lift the lid and reveal both the place to plug in the adapter and a handy space to conveniently stow transformers, although bulkier ones may not fit. Pull the charging cables out of the front slots, place your devices on top, and adjust the sliders to hold them. Be careful not to overload the outlet serving the Power Station lest you trip the unit's circuit breaker. To safely reset the circuit breaker, just unplug the docked devices, disconnect the Power Station, and press the reset button.

Reduce Clutter

With one ReSource Power Station I charged my Treo, digital camera, and iPod. This significantly reduced the clutter of cables and adapters on my desk. The placement of the three internal outlets and size of your own power adapters affect the number of devices you can charge together. To free the computer space from being the central charging point, consider locating a second unit in a common area like a kitchen or hallway.

The Power Station is good at what it does but it is not a full docking solution. You still need your FireWire or USB cables and hub to sync your devices with a computer. The Power Station controls some of the clutter because it frees up outlets and reduces under the desk tangles. It makes sure that your devices are fully powered and ready for life's challenges.

If ReSource adds more style and functionality, the Power Station might find its way into many more homes and offices. In other words, the idea is great, but the implementation looks a bit cheesy. There is also no mention whether it includes surge suppression or a warranty. If you do want to purchase one, please check with your favorite online reseller, such as or

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor

by P.A.M. Borys


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