Review: Ped2 by thought out... Co.

Odd looking, but perfectly designed product (August 25th, 2005)

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Product Manufacturer: thought out ... Co.

Price: MSRP $39.99 US

The Good

  • It stays put. 3M rubber protects your desk and iPod.

The Bad

  • None, although the price could come down a little.

When I first looked up the Ped2, I thought, wow, now there's a really stupid looking iPod accessory. Then, I looked at my mass of computers, papers, printers, and scanners, under which is a slippery wooden desk. I realized that my little Apple Dock would quickly be swallowed up, obscured, and slid around by the fluid environment.

So, I took out the Ped2 and secured the cord in the rubber hole and cleared a 4-inch space and set it down. Its metal housing is fully lined with rubber where the iPod sits, along with a rubber pad on the bottom. It not only fits your device while in a case but, is expandable to accommodate all kinds of cases. The rubber base prevents the Ped2 from slipping around, so it is amazingly secure. The Ped2 is also tall enough to tower over most normal piles of work. In a month of active use, it has proved itself more than worthy of its odd design and reasonable size.

What Is This Thing?

Advertised inelegantly as a configurable device stand, the Ped2 is a fully adjustable solid steel pedestal that stays where its put. In case you need a larger profile, it comes with extra spacers and washers to install to widen it. A set of video instructions on how to expand it is available on the web site.

ipod       iped side
Ilene's 60GB iPod in its Vaja Case       thought out ... Co. Photo

Great Product

Every once in a while a product arrives that only does one small thing, but when it performs perfectly, it's much appreciated. My slippery oak desk was no match for any iPod accessory, until the Ped2 arrived and now I never worry about yanking the cord or pulling my Pod off the desk by accident.

Other Products

After a bout with Apple legal over its original name, the iPed, thought out has renamed the product Ped2. The Ped2 comes in white or black. I wish it was a tad cheaper, but it does incorporate excellent materials and workmanship. In September, thought out will release a flexible version (the FlexPed) and an iPod Shuffle version (PedUSB) is also available now for $17.99 US.

by ilene Hoffman


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