Review: Pacific Design Green Day iPod Flip Case

An American Idiot iPod case... (October 5th, 2005)

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Product Manufacturer: Pacific Design

Price: MSRP $39.99 US

The Good

  • Fits all 4th generation iPods snugly. Protects the iPod well. Shows off your music tastes.

The Bad

  • Vinyl instead of leather. Sloppy stitching in places. Only available through Circuit City.

Although I'd love to write a review of the American idiot, it would just take too many pages and you can surf the web to see a random sampling of most of them. The American Idiot I'm reviewing today isn't even Green Days' CD, but a fanpod case. It is surprising that more companies haven't jumped on the band bandwagon and created more fanpod products for Apple's iPod.

Pacific Design is a bit more savvy than most companies. If you're looking for a unique, yet functional holiday present, check out their special 5,000-run Green Day iPod Flip Case, as announced on MacNN. The cases, available only through Circuit City, sport a version of the grenade-like heart graphic from the American Idiot CD released a year ago by Green Day.

A Closer Look

The case fits any 4th generation iPod thanks to the elasticized strip along the sides. A sturdy sewn-in plastic cover protects the screen. Small magnets in the corners hold the case closed and the top and bottom ports are still accessible. Although the case is thin, accessories other than headphones won't sit securely in the top ports and the hold button is partially covered. The nonstandard snap-closure belt tab is long enough to snap the iPod upright on a belt or sit sideways in a belt loop. One user noted how secure the tab is, because it stays closed with a snap and Velcro.

Good, But Not Perfect

If the Green Day iPod Flip Case was made of leather it would earn a 4.5 star rating, but this reviewer is unsure how well the vinyl case will wear with months of use. The stitching seemed sloppy in some places, with ends of thread sticking out. Although the case is advertised as an olive green color, the case received by MacNN is black, with the red and white graphic spanning the outside and inside.

Green Day Flip Case
The limited edition case comes packaged with fan club stickers, a card for two free song downloads, and a Circuit City coupon for Green Day music. It is a cover that attracts attention, unlike many other iPod cases.

by Ilene Hoffman


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