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Quickly share your iTunes music with machines around the world (October 7th, 2006)

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Product Manufacturer: Musicast

Price: $18

The Good

  • Simple user interface Easy to instal, setup Solves a serious missing feature in iTunes Just $18

The Bad

  • Can't share all of Library (Piracy Woes)

If you're fortunate enough to have internet access at work, why take advantage of this and listen to your home machine music. Musicast allows you to share your iTunes playlists over the internet. Of course you don't have to be at work to use this application, any computer away from your network, Windows, Mac or Linux can use this web based controller.

Install. Select. Go. Play

Musicast is ridiculously simple to setup. Upon installation you must agree to the privacy policy (states that you won't use it for illegal sharing, basically.) then simply select your playlists and shoom - you're finished. Sometimes you'll have to forward port '5554' on your router, but this is to be expected for an internet application. A slight disadvantage is that it doesn't support UPNP so it won't automatically forward the ports.

Beauty and Functional

The web interface is very clear to use and subtle. You can very easily send the songs to your iTunes (as a podcast no less) or display an audio rss feed. And since its all web based there is nothing stopping you from using a Linux or Windows machine - or even a PSP or DS (provided their browser supports audio playback!)

Stats and Usability

Its possible to find out what the most popular songs, artists or playlists are via accessing the Popular tab in Musicast. If you're sharing your music amongst the internet its possible to setup user accounts (automatically imported from your Address Book) where users must authenticate to see and listen to your music -- Musicast logs and displays all connected and previous users. Very handy if its on a family machine.

Musicast is a great, simple to use application that offers advanced sharing and control for a feature that should really be included within iTunes. The convience of having your music everywhere you travel is priceless, so at only $18 this application is priceless.

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