Review: MP3 Shower Radio with Fog Free Mirror

Listen to your iPod in the shower at your own risk (September 6th, 2006)

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Product Manufacturer: Princess International

Price: $29.95 US

The Good

  • Water-resistant compartment fits most MP3 players. Built in AM/FM radio. Stereo speakers. Lighted mirror. Glass-free.

The Bad

  • Can't control iPod when inserted into case. Dim lights unless room is dark. Unattractive. Plastic case likely to break if dropped. Tinny sound. Water resistant, not waterproof.

There are all kinds of iPod accessories, but the iPod/MP3 Shower Radio is the first we've seen for use in a bath environment. It features MP3 hookup, AM/FM radio, stereo speakers, fog free mirror, and LED lighting. The water-resistant shower radio measures 7.8" wide x 9.8" tall x 2" deep and requires four AA batteries. It also sports a nylon cord to hang on a showerhead or doorknob, a pullout metal stand, and wall mounting hardware. The Shower Radio is easy to setup, use, and maintain. Just install the batteries, plug in the iPod and insert it into the water-resistant compartment, and listen to your music or local radio.

Acceptable Performance

The built-in radio's reception and sound quality is acceptable. The water-resistant compartment is a perfect fit for the larger original iPods or the iPod video. The screen is visible through the clear plastic window. The standard controls for volume, lights, radio stations, and switching between radio and MP3 player are placed well. The MP3 shower radio is also useful at the pool, beside the hot tub, or any other damp locations.

Design Falls Short

Unfortunately, the iPod/MP3 Shower Radio meets only the most basic needs. Though designed for damp environs, it is not waterproof, just water resistant. While the sound quality is acceptable in close quarters, it was a bit tinny, as with most standard budget-priced pocket am/fm radios. The mirror is a nice addition and its just big enough for shaving help.

The largest disappointment is that once an MP3 player is inserted into the water-resistant compartment, there isn't any way to access its controls to choose songs or make any other adjustments. You have to remove the iPod to make adjustments, and in the bath or any wet environment, the risk of accidentally dropping your iPod into the water or otherwise getting it wet is a primary concern. Since the iPod/MP3 Shower Radio is not waterproof, only resistant, dropping this item into water is likely to damage it and the MP3 player it contains. Both situations largely defeat the purpose of owning iPod/MP3 Shower Radio. While I expected a very useful product, this purchase turned out to be a disappointment.

by Mike and Lynette Swope


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