Review: Luna iPod Alarm Clock

Wake to your iPod, alarm or buzzer with this versatile alarm clock. (June 20th, 2007)

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Product Manufacturer: XtremeMac

Price: $149.00 us

The Good

  • Patented Menu System based on iPod Menus. Fully customizable features. Dual Alarms with multiplesources.4 Pre-Sets for Radio Stations. Full featured remote included. Stylish Design. Charges iPod. Time and alarm AA battery backup.

The Bad

  • Bass response a bit flat. Complex menus to learn initially.

The success of the iPod worldwide has generated a market flooded with iPod accessories. There are many iPod based speaker systems, but few double as an alarm clock. In all fairness, we can't compare the Luna iPod Alarm Clock to other iPod speaker systems, yet the sound quality is comparable. The Luna is really a full-featured iPod alarm clock that sounds very good. XtremeMac designed the Luna with one clear advantage over many of the other iPod alarm clocks; they made the controls and display more iPod like.

Clean Look

The Luna is compatible with all iPods that have a dock connector and ships with three docking adapters, but an Aux-Input is also available for those with the iPod Shuffle or another music device. Four stylish silver buttons on top control the features and settings. You activate the multiple functions with a push, hold, or a turn of the buttons and they are displayed on the LCD front panel. XtremeMac choose not to clutter up the clean look of the Luna with long descriptions near the buttons, but they do include a die cut cheat sheet with explanations of the advanced functions. A thoughtful addition to help you learn all the controls.

Customizable dual alarm clock

The Luna is a dual alarm clock with two separate alarms that allow you to choose to wake with the iPod, radio, or one of three alarm tones for each alarm. To set the alarm simply press and hold the respective Alarm Button and the front display shows a menu similar to your iPod, where you navigate and change your settings with a series of turns and button clicks. It is very similar to finding a song on your iPod. The intuitive menus are well thought out, with most of the common features on the topmost menu.

Unlike other iPod alarm clocks, the Luna is very customizable. Little things like independent volume control for either of the alarms or the buzzer, regardless of the volume you last had playing, and the ability to set the Snooze in minute increments from 1 to 60 minutes for each alarm. When the alarm does go off, the Luna's Volume Ramping feature gradually increases the alarm source from near silence to your specified volume. It also allows you to set the length of time for the Volume Ramp, from 1 to 60 seconds. After you set your alarm settings the way you want, you can preview them with a few clicks to make sure the settings are just right. Customizable sleep options have similar controls and you can drift off to sleep with settings between one minute and 90 minutes.

Handy Remote Control

The Luna includes a Remote Control that controls many of the basic functions and settings of the alarm. A cool feature is that while using the remote, the control that you select is enlarged on the LCD, so you can easily see it from across the room. Of course, the Remote comes in handy for playing iPod music and allows you to fast forward, rewind, and shuffle songs, in addition to play, pause, and skip tracks.

iPod not required

If you don't own an iPod, the Luna is still useful because is a full featured clock radio with AM/FM and four user defined presets for your favorite stations. The included external Antennas did a good job of pulling in almost all stations on the dial, but I live in a major urban area with strong radio signals.

Above Average Sound

The Luna sound quality is slightly above average for a unit of its size, but understand that it is first and foremost a multi-featured alarm clock. The high end is bright and somewhat accurate at both low and high volumes but the Bass response did leave something to be desired. The Luna cannot match the sound of a Bose iPod System, an Apple iPod HiFi, or even the XtremeMac Tango, but can hold its own in the bedroom. I also own the iHome Alarm Clock, which in my opinion sounds a little better, but the Luna surpasses the iHome by far in features and customization. Overall the Luna looks great, sounds good, and is very customizable which makes it a great choice if you are in need of a good iPod speaker system that doubles as great alarm clock.

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor

by Art Payne


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