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A kitchen sink text and word processor. (January 29th, 2008)

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Product Manufacturer: Artman21 Inc.

Price: $28.00 Single User

The Good

  • Works well with other programs. Reasonably priced. Downloadable demo. Versatile. Very simple to use. Scriptable.

The Bad

  • I would like to see it read and write to more formats.

Jedit X is a multi featured word processor and text editor designed to create, modify, and open text and RTF (Rich Text Format) documents, plus you can use it to script and create source code. Jedit X has been around for 11 years and is the most popular text editor in Japan, so you will see a number of Japanese features in the menus.

Jedit Interface screen

Jedit Interface Screen

Jedit X saves documents as RTF, HTML, Text, Word, and Word XML Documents. One place where Jedit X shines is its ability to work with other Mac programs. If you do research on the Internet, you can cut text and graphics from your web browser and paste them into a Jedit X document with the styles and links intact and save the file as a RTFD or a Web Archive.

Jedit X also checks spelling as you type in any of eight languages, including English, French, or Italian. Of course, you can also perform a spell check after the document is finished. If you are working with a font set that reads right to left, such as Hebrew, Arabic and many Oriental languages, Jedit X supports this feature as well as the 20,000 characters of the Japanese Hiragana Language. You can kern your type tight or loosely as well as create sub and super script.

This is a powerful tool for those who script and program. Jedit X supports and provides Customizable Syntax Coloring for C, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Latex, Perl, PHP, and URLs. Numbered lines or paragraphs are a convenient option also.

For those who like to organize, it is easy to create lists and then resort them depending on your priorities. You can also create tables and determine how many rows and columns you need. A completed table can be pasted into a web page or import your data into a spreadsheet.

Libraries and Plug-Ins

You can use any one of 60 Libraries to create programming code, AppleScripts, Internet activities, and HTML. Artman 21 Inc uses a lot of AppleScript and Automator Workflows in Jedit X and the dictionary is very scriptable.

The JMTML and HTML Tag Editing Support Program dialog box helps create web pages. This is perfect for those who blog and want to add some HTML tags into their pages. You could also do basic HTML coding or make changes to a web page or a complete site. A handy Open Template command in the File menu helps set up a properly formatted HTML, XHTML, or RTF document.

The Find With Styles does simple find and replace functions as well as advanced features such as, find all text in one font style and replace it with another. The Find dialog is customizable through the Preferences dialog.

Jedit Find Preferences screen

Jedit Find Preferences Screen


This program does more than most people will ever need from a word processor or text editor. Many of the advanced features are for those who write program code and scripts, and for such tasks, it is excellent.

Jedit Interface screen

Jedit In Action

If you work with databases on a regular basis, you will find Jedit X handy to create AppleScripts to help with repetitive functions. If you need a text editor to create source code for your next exciting C++ program, Jedit X can do that too.

Of course, if all you want is a great word processor with lots of features at a very reasonable price, download a demo copy of Jedit X and check it out. Since this review was written Artman21 has updated the program three times to fix a variety of minor Leopard bugs. While I never had a problem with version 1.44, it is nice to see a developer who is quick to squash potential problems quickly. Jedit X works with Mac OS X 10.3 and above.

by Rick Curran


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