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The iRac keeps your desk clean and organized allowing more space (January 25th, 2004)

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Product Manufacturer: The iRac

Price: $9.95

The Good

  • Great aesthetics, Good construction, Rubber feet allow for firm grip, Laptop stand, Excellent in conjunction with wireless keyboards, Low price

The Bad

  • Accidental ejects cause damage to super drive

Many of us do not have the luxury of a "real" computer desk. I, for example, use an old wooden dinning table. It gives ample amounts of arm resting space in front of the keyboard; However, I am very jealous of those with a keyboard tray. Those extra few inches the keyboard takes up, impairs me from reading a good magazine on my well lit desk. However, a very clever Sam Girton, the iRac inventor, came to my rescue.

iRac?! Enough with the "i's"

The iRac's goal is to organize your desk whenever you need it most (Women admire a clean workspace ). Made from .187-gauge stainless steel, powder coated white with white rubber socks, the iRac is as elegant as your iMac. It works by simply placing it on the iMac's chrome neck and resting on the CPU dome. The iRac works with all LCD iMacs as long as its neck is still attached to the body.

Click to enlarge The attention to detail in the iRac makes it really stand out. Simply the white rubber feet eliminate any worries your keyboard will slide around or be scratched from the metal framework. Another great feature is that when not in use, just rotate it around to the back to keep it out of the way. Moreover with all this good, there are still a few bad aspects.


While placing the keyboard onto the iRac I accidentally hit the eject button which sent the drive ramming into the keyboard producing an awful sound. Thankfully the SuperDrive continued to operate normally after I removed the keyboard. However this is one thing to note: be careful to not do this too often or your optical drive will not come out next time.

The iRac is designed to have the keyboard resting backwards to neither press any keys nor type while the keyboard is mounted. This doesn't prevent you from typing in a short URL or your e-mail password but it is extremely uncomfortable. Ergonomically speaking, you loose your ability to type out a paragraph but gain room to rest your textbook on top of the desk instead of balancing it with your knees. But then again, this is not how the product was designed to be used so I can't really complain.


While in the other room with my iBook, I suddenly had the bright idea of using it as a laptop riser. It allowed the most airflow possible and the rubber feet kept the iBook firmly in place. I can now leave the Click to enlargeiBook on all night doing processor intensive tasks without having its fan turn on. I often use the iBook instead of my Power Mac for long processes just because the iBook is silent and allows me to sleep in the same room thanks to the iRac.


All in all, I find this product to be mostly for classrooms or computer labs. It keeps all the computers organized and clean looking allowing more space when you need it most. HOWEVER, note that 25 kids all hitting the eject button while the keyboard is in the way means many hours on the phone with Apple Support, "Why are my SuperDrives not coming out?" For home users, this problem most likely doesn't exist unless you have horrible coordination or have a little child pressing buttons every which way. The iRac does however give some ergonomic design for iMacs that are used sparingly or are used in the living room or kitchen to show off. I say sparingly because it becomes quickly an annoyance to mount and unmount the keyboard whenever you want to just check e-mail before you leave for work. It's also a no-brainer in the cost--$9.95--if you think you could use this, get it and support a great Mac-minded inventor at the same time.

by Florian Maurer


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