Review: iPod Flip Cases

Full protection for most iPods (November 10th, 2005)

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Product Manufacturer: Pacific Design

Price: varies by reseller

The Good

  • Elegant magnetic closure flap in front. Finally a case for the Nano. Form fitting for 4th generation iPods.

The Bad

  • Potentially scratchy exposed internal stitching. Admittedly small, but quite bulky when compared to the Nano naked.

Is your iPod Nano scuffed? I don't like to say scratched, because that sounds so severe, but I know without even looking at it, that your Nano is scuffed. Mine scuffed on the first day, and I put it into an empty pocket. So if the inner-pocket stitching on my khakis scuffed my beautiful black Nano, your Nano is definitely scuffed.

I was therefore not only delighted to review a Nano case, but relieved. The iPod Nano Flip Case by Pacific Design has some nice features, but it made me wonder whether any case can match the aesthetic design of the Nano.

The Flip Case fits like a sleeve. The Nano slides in from the top, and the bottom, the click wheel, and the sides, about three quarters of the way up, are exposed. The interior is a soft felt with lots of exposed stitching. In fact, the interior seemed so rough, it might scratch the shiny surface of the Nano. The case seems to be cut from one strip of leather, so it is strong, but because it is one strip, the corners are also open on the bottom. Thankfully, the screen is protected, but too much of the rest of the Nano is left exposed. While the port holes are reinforced with stitching, they are not perfectly cut and look a little sloppy. A similarly designed case available for the 4th generation has insets on the sides, so the whole iPod is covered better.

Flip Case Design

All of Pacific Design's Flip Cases close with a magnetic flap. None of the magnet is visible, so this an elegant idea that works well on a case with such a slim profile. The case, with the iPod inside, is still thinner than the third generation, 40GB iPod. Unfortunately, any case around the Nano feels bulky. The Flip Case is made of a sturdy thick leather, but adds bulk. In fact, the leather was bulky enough at the earbud port that it would occasionally push the headphone's plug out of the socket. This pauses the Nano, so I didn't miss any music, but it was obviously annoying. I had no problems connecting the dock adapter cord, however. It fit cleanly with no unnecessary pressure

The belt clip is a flap of leather on the back held on by a metal snap surrounded by Velcro. Snapping it closed feels violent compared to the clean clap of the magnetic closure on the front. The packaging advertises that the belt can be used for earbud storage, which just seems like a bad idea. Pacific Design expects you to wrap your earbuds tightly around the open flap, then snap it shut. This is either a very tight wind or it was loose and bulky, but in either case, winding your headphone cable that tightly seems like a good way to damage it.

nano case † † † iPod flip case
iPod Nano Flip Cases † † † 4th generation iPod Flip Cases

Variety Spices Up the Flips

Finally Philip notes, the case I got is called Precious Pink. It is very, very pink. I don't mind pink, I have a pink mini (the old pink, not the second, Paris Hilton pink), but this case is hot pink. Just thought I would warn you if you order it sight unseen. The case Ilene received is Mocha and much better suited to her anti-pink wardrobe. All the Nano cases are very bright colors, while the 4th generation iPod cases are more professional subdued colors. The stylish contrasting stripes add just the right touch of class to each case also.

by Philip Berne and ilene Hoffman


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