Review: iGuy for iPod

Whimsical iPod case (August 23rd, 2005)

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Product Manufacturer: Speck Products

Price: MSRP $34.95 US

The Good

  • Fun and Cute functional protection and security for your iPod.

The Bad

  • Presently available only in white, so it tends to highlight thumbprints. Bendable Arms are somewhat stiff. Some iPod ports are difficult to access or unusable.

The iPod phenomenon seems more popular than baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet, so the time is ripe for functional and practical accessories to give way to just plain fun ones. Speck Products, best known for their rubberized Skin Tight cell phone protective cases, and more recently, for iPod cases, have taken one of their latest rubberized products up a notch. Speck adds whimsy to the equation with the introduction of the iGuy.

An Action Figure for iPods

The iGuy cover is a silicone action figure-like doll that snugly protects your iPod or iPod mini. It looks like a cross between Gumby and the Pillsbury Doughboy. It protects all Fourth Generation iPods, including the thick 60GB. After struggling to open the blister pack, I found a little clear plastic insert that fits inside of the iGuy's back to hold the iPod secure. The picture-only instructions show how to place the insert, depending on which iPod you own. It was a little confusing, but works. One iGuy plus is that he has a thin removable hard plastic cover that protects the view screen from scratches, plus it allows full access to the click wheel via the hole in his belly. The thick rubber, combined with the thick arms and legs, seem like they would absorb more of the shock from a fall than other cases. The hefty and bulky iGuy does have some weight issues, so its not recommended as a full time case.

iGuy at Work

The iGuy is a cute accent for your workspace. The solid rubber feet give it some stability so it can stand on your desk and the somewhat flexible arms can wrap around or hug things for increased stability. The ultimate cuteness comes when you expose his bottom to insert him in your iPod Dock. It looks like the iGuy is using an ultra thin space age toilet.

iGuy         iGuy sitting
The top ports on the iPod, such as the headphone jack, are accessible, but the hold switch is a bit difficult to use. I was disappointed that my Belkin Voice recorder would not work because of the thickness of the iGuy's rubber around these crucial areas. It would be quite the business meeting icebreaker to use the iGuy as a notes recorder, but in its current state it is not possible without trimming the rubber near the headphone jack. The iGuy may make your iPod less attractive to thieves in your workplace, because it looks more like a toy than an expensive MP3 player, but even toys disappear at work.

Cool Gift

Overall, the iGuy is a cute add-on for your iPod. It may or may not replace a functional iPod carry case but it does provide a degree of protection and some security for your iPod. It is also a perfect gift for that someone who has everything, even though the price is a tad high. You can even buy one at home stores like Linens 'n Things.

by Art Payne


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