Review: iFrogz iPhone 3G Luxe

A fashionable, hard-shell plastic case perfect for you iPhone. (October 31st, 2008)

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Product Manufacturer: iFrogz

Price: $19.99 US

The Good

  • Excellent feel. Good fit and finish. Comes with transparent screen protector. Good color selection.

The Bad

  • You may have trouble applying the screen protector without getting bubbles in it.

With so many iPhone cases on the market, it can be difficult to find one that offers you just the right protection, look, and feel. The iFrogz Luxe case is a great choice for someone who wants one that feels as good as it looks.

Colorful with a Perfect Fit

The hard-shell plastic Luxe case snaps on to the iPhone in two parts. The two-toned case has a colored top; I opted for the "Red Ruby" version, and the bottom is black. The two pieces fit together using tabs and clasp in the center of the back of the iPhone for a firm fit. Other colors available include Royal Blue, Medium Magenta, Neon Green, Orange, and Silver. The color of the case is a rich jeweled tone, it's very elegant without looking too much like Bling, and it helps your iPhone stand apart from the crowd. The color is definitely more pleasant than gaudy.

iFrogz Luxe

What sets this case apart from other hard plastic cases is that it has an almost velvet feel to it. It really is soft to touch, though the material the case is very tough and durable. Still, it has an excellent feel that also makes it easy to grip.

All of the iPhone 3G's ports and buttons remain free and accessible -- the camera, headphone jack and mute button, sleep/wake button, volume up/down and the dock connector beneath. The hard plastic provides rigid edges and back, offering firm, solid protection. The only drawback is that the case offers no screen protection.

Some iPhone users prefer to leave their screens unencumbered -- admittedly, Apple has done a fine job of engineering a very scratch resistant and tough glass surface. For those of us who are worried that wayward keys, change, or other items in pockets or bags might scuff the surface of our precious iPhones, iFrogz has nicely included a transparent screen protector that applies using static. It can take a bit of work to get it on and get the bubbles out from underneath the transparent cover, but once you have done so, it makes for a nice finish.

iFrogz Luxe

The button clasp, where the two parts of the case meet in the back has another benefit as well; it makes it dead simple for me to orient the case in my pocket. When I pull the iPhone out, I can answer a call and start speaking on it right away, because the case provides a nice north/south orientation that I didn't have before. Formerly, I had to use my thumb to search for the home button on the front of the iPhone, or hope that my fingers would feel the volume buttons.

A Good Buy

This inexpensive case presents a good image, helps orient your phone, and is easy to use. Of the 31 user reviews currently on the iFrogz site, only two lack one star; so, its popularity is inarguable.

by Lee P. Meredith


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