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Fill your iPod with Internet radio painlessly (October 26th, 2005)

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Product Manufacturer: Griffin Technology

Price: MSRP $19.99 US

The Good

  • Fills your iPod while recharging the battery.

The Bad

  • At some point you must delete whatever you have loaded, without an easy way to save the streams.

You have to recharge the battery of your iPod, why not fill your iPod with music at the same time? iFill does exactly what the name implies, it fills your iPod with music or whatever you enjoy listening to that can be found on Internet radio. The user interface is intuitively simple and each song or audio track is saved as a separate entry in the Playlist. I love it!

Internet Radio - Free Music

Internet radio is broadcast in streams as opposed to files. Each Internet radio station is a stream. The folks at Griffin have included a list of various audio source URLs. You select from that long list of Internet radio streams and iFill records them on your iPod while the iPod charges. The selection process is straightforward. You can even select multiple radio stations and record the streams simultaneously.

Load All You Want

What if you don't want to completely fill your iPod? What if you want to reserve some of the space for some other information? No problem just set the reserved space value to whatever space you want to retain.

      iFill interface      

iTunes Cleans Up

iFill works with iTunes to manage your iFill-loaded audio. However, you cannot transfer the music from your iPod back to your computer, because it would violate the copyright laws as it applies to music sharing. The iFill files are saved in their own Playlist and may be deleted in part or completely using your Mac or PC . That's right, there is a PC version of iFill also.

Add Your Favorite Stations

iFill's features let you record a stream from any source, even if the station isn't in the provided list. Suppose you can not find your favorite MP3 stream among the ShoutCast streams listed by iFill? You just enter your preferred URL(s) into iFill's input selection area, as long as the URL ultimately points to a MP3 stream. iFill is very intuitive, but a quick read of the documentation helps you get the most out of the product. The manual is provided as part of the installation package.

Great Product Support

While I had a problem with iFill immediately after transitioning to iTunes 6, the folks at Griffin Technology were on top of the problem. They had an update available very quickly, which speaks well of their product support.

by Fred Carden


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