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With the removal of many organization tools from Mac OS X... (July 23rd, 2002)

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Product Manufacturer: Lucky Software

Price: Free

The Good

  • Fast, easy to use.

The Bad

  • None significant.

With the removal of many organization tools from Mac OS X -- such as the control strip and Apple menu -- shareware programmers have set to work, developing dozens of half-baked replacement utilities. Now this may sound a little harsh, but anyone who is actually used any of these new-breed programs knows what I'm talking about. The obtuse and slow interfaces really impact productivity. Are you really saving time if it takes you thirty seconds to open the thing? Of course, as OS X evolved so did the myriad of add-ons; although I can't say as much for the quality. With the debut of OS 10.1, cane the best hope for restoring some of the lost functionality -- menu extras. Suffice to say, 90 percent of these new toys are still as terribly made. However, in the remaining 10 percent lie the real gems; meet Lucky Software's iChoose.

Bookmark worm

Although it would probably be a good idea, I haven't organized my Internet bookmarks for, well, years. It now takes some time to get the site I want and I'm not the only person with this problem. iChoose adds a central system-wide menu that works similarly to the Favorites functionality in Internet Explorer. iChoose can organize favorites into subfolders, hold email links, highlight new links and add prefixes. What you'll first notice is that it acts just like a real menu-item -- unlike other utilities of this sort, which use nonstandard layouts. As if this was not enough already, iChoose is extremely fast. This is especially noticeable on G3-based Macs.

Final word

Although it's a nominal piece of software it is one that stands out of the crowd. Sure, you can live without it, but if you have more than twenty bookmarks, this is a must. It is wise to also remember that this utility is still in its early stages and as such isn't as feature-rich as it could be. If that still doesn't move you, maybe the price will.

by Matthew Stoton


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