Review: Everki Plunge Waterproof Case and Earphones

Listen to your iPod in or near the water! (July 12th, 2007)

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Product Manufacturer: Everki

Price: $19.99 US

The Good

  • Truly waterproof. Small and large sizes to fit all iPods, Zunes, and others. Available at many familiar retailers. It floats your iPod. Armband and belt clip included.

The Bad

  • No instructions. Earphones are not very good; may be uncomfortable.

This summer, if you plan to go to the pool, lake, beach, or any other body of water, and you just can't bear to be without your favorite tunes, you need a waterproof case to protect your iPod or MP3 player. Everki's Plunge Waterproof Case is one waterproof case that's both practical and affordable. Included in the Everki Plunge Waterproof Case package are the double-sealed waterproof liner, cushioned neoprene outer sleeve, water-resistant earbuds, mounting clip/belt clip, water-resistant cable coupling, and adjustable armband. The Plunge Waterproof Case is desirable not only for its price but also for its usefulness.

Designed with Users in Mind

I am happy to tell you that Everki has considered all your needs with this case. The clear vinyl waterproof inner liner has two pressure-locking seals, like those found in Ziploc brand sandwich and freezer bags that is also secured with Velcro. A waterproof mini stereo cable plugs into the earphone jack on the iPod. The neoprene outer case is the same material used for wetsuits, so the Plunge Waterproof Case is not only lightweight but floats too. How ironic to drop a waterproofed iPod in murky water only to lose it! The outer case also features a thin transparent window for convenient access to the iPod controls to adjust volume and select music and movies. The audio cable is sealed to the inner liner and outer case to make it waterproof, and features a water-resistant female coupling. The water-resistant earbuds feature a standard mini stereo plug, so they can be used with or without the Plunge Waterproof Case. A plastic mounting clip, which doubles as a belt clip, is permanently attached to the neoprene outer case for use with the adjustable elastic armband. When sealed and assembled, the Plunge Waterproof Case is watertight yet your iPod is completely accessible.

How to Test a Waterproof Case

Everki advertises the Plunge Waterproof Case to be waterproof up to 3 meters (10 feet), deeper than the average swimming pool. The only way to test a waterproof case is to dunk it. So, I sealed my iPod Mini into the Plunge Waterproof Case, started it playing, and threw it into the public pool where my kids were splashing around and it floated easily. In hindsight, I might have sealed something else into the case for this test, but that didn't cross my mind at the time. Much to my delight, when my son retrieved my iPod in the waterproof case, it was completely dry and still playing. I left the case sealed for another couple of hours to see if any water would enter the inner liner, but none did. My iPod Mini remained completely dry! I am confident that I can use my iPod in any damp environment less than 10 feet deep and it will be protected from water damage by the Plunge Waterproof Case.

Music in the Water

The case includes its own water-resistant earphones, which may disappoint audiophiles. They do not include right and left markings, and reproduce sound at an average level. While the highs are not tinny, the bass is flat. Ilene notes that you must make sure you plug the audio socket securely into the cord to avoid problems. The sound from both earphones was unreliable with movement, plus the earbuds are a bit large for smaller ears. Ilene found them extremely uncomfortable and they irritated her skin. The good news is that when you are not in the water, you can use any earbuds with a straight connector in the Plunge Waterproof Case.

No Instructions

Another disappointing feature of the Plunge Waterproof Case is the instructions, i.e. there are none. Most intelligent users can eventually figure it out, but I was admittedly uncomfortable about inserting my iPod into the case and taking it to the pool when I may not have sealed the case properly. That's a huge leap of faith to take with expensive iPods and other MP3 players.

Perfect when wet

Despite the lack of instructions, the Everki Plunge Waterproof Case exceeded my expectations. That the case floats, even with an iPod in it, is a welcome surprise! This means that you won't lose it, even in murky water! The Everki Plunge Waterproof Case is the perfect iPod accessory for any wet environment; not just for the summer, but all year long. Although the case isn't the most attractive one on the market, it's protection level is quite a feat at the advertised price, and much more expensive cases do not offer this level of bump and water protection.

by Mike Swope and Ilene Hoffman


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