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Color, comfort and convenience ... (December 7th, 2005)

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The Good

  • Thick foam. Muted colors. Three pairs per package. Great price.

The Bad

  • Can only be found on Earbuddys web site that has some annoying music on the front page.

Many inexpensive in-ear headphones are just not that comfortable. Often foam covers included with the product, such as those that come with Apple's earbud headphones, rip while you're wrestling them onto the ear pieces. Worse yet, they escape to parts unknown, so you have to break up a pair to replace just one cover. Replacement covers are hard to find or they're dyed colors that attract more attention than your clothes.

Comfort, Color, and Cushy

EarBuddys comes to the rescue with an excellent product. These are thick and cushy foam covers made to fit most earbud headphones, as used on iPods, MP3 players, and cell phones. They don't rip easily because the foam is dense and are easier to slip over the ear pieces. Better yet, EarBbuddys stay where they're put, i.e. they won't slip out while running or exercising. They are also more comfortable than other covers you've used.

While EarBuddys may seem too small for a holiday present, they are the perfect stocking stuffer. The price and packaging is just right too. EarBuddys ship in a silver foil package with three pairs in one color. They come in seven muted colors, so mix and match them to your cases, outfits, or mood. Colors include Tangerine, Mocha, Guava (pink), Tofu (almost white), Keylime, Pebble (grey), an d Reef (blue). The colors displayed on the site actually show the real colors of the product too.

by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor


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