Review: CoverCase Sports Case

Neoprene armband for iPod video (December 19th, 2006)

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Product Manufacturer: CoverCase LLC.

Price: $19.99 US

The Good

  • Stylish. Black or pink. Inexpensive.

The Bad

  • Does not cover whole iPod. Thin neoprene. Smoky plastic over screen and click wheel.

A visit to is a bit misleading, because at first glance, it looks as if they only carry cases by other manufacturers. A closer look reveals that they also have their own innovative designs. Value-priced iPod cases are rare and CoverCase does a good with pricing. Their iPod video Sports Case with adjustable armband is only $19.99.

A Closer Look

The armband is 1.5 inches wide and is long enough to go around a 13.5-inch arm. The band attaches with a Velcro flap threaded through a sewn-in medium weight metal rectangle. There is a 1.5" length of Velcro on the tab and circlets of Velcro in the vented armband every half of an inch. The tab attaches to two circlets when closed.

The case is a medium-weight neoprene and comes in pink or black. The screen and click wheel are protected by a flexible, smoky plastic, which prevents watching video, but seems to repel weather and dirt. A thin white border graces the front of the case around the edges of the plastic. The site advertising claims that it “Encloses your iPod completely, ” but that is not true. In fact, the top is completely open and the sides are closed only where the armband attaches to the case. The positive spin is that you can connect your headphones easily. The case must be removed to place your iPod on a dock though.

Marketing discrepancies

There are also some other inconsistencies on their web site. The unit I received did not come with a handgrip, unless you consider the armband itself a handgrip. No detachable carabineer clip was included either. I do not know if these inconsistencies are innocent language mistakes or bad marketing. The product shown on the site is the same as the one I received though.

Testing the Armband

While I did not experience any problem using this case while walking, I would not trust it while running or engaged in other uneven step activity. The case does fit snugly around a 30-GB iPod video, but I just did not feel confident about the open top. The neoprene is too thin to protect against bangs or drops though. The case is good for light activity, but I do not recommend it for an active child, teen, or young adult.

The CoverCase Sports Case with armband is inexpensive when compared to other iPod video cases so; it is a case of the old adage “you get what you pay for.” If you are strapped for funds and need a present for a careful friend, it may fill the bill. If you want a case to use as active wear, I would look elsewhere.

by Ilene hoffman, Reviews Editor


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