Review: Contour Design iSee video 30

Crystal clear protection for your iPod video (April 13th, 2006)

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Product Manufacturer: Contour Design

Price: $25.95 US

The Good

  • Light weight. Removable belt clip. Shows off entire iPod.

The Bad

  • Case scratches over time. Becomes easier to remove, which could happen unexpectedly if not monitored.

Every iPod needs a case, and the studier and thinner the design, the better. Contour Design's iSee series of cases fits the bill, and is flexible for those who want to attach their iPods to a strap or belt.

The iSee has been available for the iPod mini and the monochrome 4th generation iPods for some time. With the release of iSee cases for the iPod nano and the 5th generation iPod, the design has come full-circle in its ease of use and minimal addition of bulk. The chic design is slim and functional, while still showing off the iPod.

Belt Clip Easy to Use

Attaching an iPod case to a belt clip is a tricky situation with few decent solutions. Permanently attached belt clips add weight and bulk making it cumbersome and uncomfortable to put the iPod in a pant pocket. Some clips, especially on soft cases, put undo pressure on the back of an iPod. Contour Design's impressive horizontal, removable clip design is simple and easy to use. The clip snaps securely onto the case, yet removes easily to make the iSee streamlined and easy to pocket.

Accessible Ports

The iSee is thin enough so that the iPod controls are easy to access, plus the clear case shows off the iPod while protecting it under the polycarbonate shell. Contour Design left extra space around the port to help alleviate compatibility issues, but some do still exist. While the dock connector cable fits easily into the dock connector port on the bottom of the iPod, the bulk of the case prevents you from using a dock. In addition, some third party accessories do not attach securely, so you must remove the case. The case is not open on bottom on purpose, because the temptation to slide the iPod out, instead of removing the case is too great. There are many complaints from users who've scratched their iPods while sliding them out of cases, instead of properly opening the case.

Good Protection

Removing the iSee is easy. No tools or excessive force are required. After stress testing the case, this reviewer can attest to its sturdiness when closed around an iPod. The polycarbonate case is a hard surface, but it will scratch and blemish over time. After traveling in a backpack and jeans pocket, as well as attached to the strap of a messenger bag, the case is showing signs of wear and tear, but the screen is still quite visible. The reality of how well the case shields the iPod makes the investment more than worth the price, because that wear on the case is not visible on your iPod.

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor

by James Trousdale


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