Review: CandyBar 2.5.1

Some shareware is just too much fun to ignore (June 3rd, 2005)

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Product Manufacturer: Panic Inc.

Price: $12.95 US

The Good

  • Small, easy to use, well supported.

The Bad

  • An easy way to blow an afternoon tinkering with your Macís icons.

CandyBar is one of those programs that makes your Mac more fun to use. Those icons created in Cupertino and by software developers are OK, but who wants a Mac that looks like everyone else's? CandyBar solves that issue with pizzazz. The Mac has long been noted as an intuitive system and the people at Panic did their homework. The only thing that was not obvious was how they did all that with so little code. The application is less than one megabyte. In a world of oversized and bloated applications, this is refreshing.

Simple Installation

Installation is straightforward after downloading the disk image file and you can put it whereever you want. Version 2.5.1 is Tiger compatible plus it alerts you if an operating system update is not compatible. A folder of starter icons is included. All the instructions you need are in the Help Menu (CandyBar help). In the Toolbar click on the type of icon you want to replace and drag away.

Choose Your Own Icons

If you don't like the supplied icons, no problem! There are lots of them on the Icon Factory web site and on Apple's site. If you already have a collection of icons, you can install them by augmenting the contents of one of the many containers. (Containers store the icons for CandyBar.) I have very few complaints with CandyBar. One is that there seemed to be no unique icon for Zip disks. If you want to put some time into the process, you can make your own unique Mac icons.

One of the real pluses of CandyBar is that it requires the administrator's password to change the system's icons. Since the icons for OS X are at the system level it makes sense that the administrator should have the final word on changes. Icons are simply dragged into the desired category to activate. If after changing the many icons of your system you desire to save them you can create your own icon container for a backup or to share with others.

As I have stated earlier this was my first experience with CandyBar and wholesale changing of ones icons. I found it to be a most entertaining, as well as rewarding exercise. I now have a very cool looking Mac and so can you!

CandyBar picture

CandyBar in action (Click for larger picture.)

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor

by Fred Carden


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