Review: Black & White Platinum Pack

Be a God, (October 12th, 2005)

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Product Manufacturer: Feral Interactive Ltd.

Price: MSRP $29.99

The Good

  • You teach your creature and it learns good or evil. Engaging game.

The Bad

  • A stiff learning curve for new gamers.

Legendary developer Peter Molyneux finally welcomes Mac users to his world of Eden. It is a place where Gods rule and giant creatures roam - Eden is the land of Black & White plus the Creature Isle Expansion Pack. A huge success on the PC, we are truly blessed to have Black & White on the Mac.

Black or White, Good or Evil - You Choose

From a single prayer you are born, you're a God in a strange land, given the power to create or destroy. Which path will you choose? Are you a benevolent God who performs miracles for the praise of your worshipers, or will you choose to strike fear into their hearts as you reign disaster on their villages? You are the God; you shape the world as you see fit. Your patron Creature' aids you in your cause. The species and nature of your creature is your choice to make as well. You can be a generous cow who helps the worshipers farm and defend them from evil Gods to a terrifying tiger ready to pounce on the unfortunate villagers, or bring ruin to an enemy town. Your creature is a lump of clay for you to mold. The creature starts as a small, ignorant animal, but through your actions it will grow physically and in character. Do what you will in the world of Eden, it is your world to mold, as long as the people believe in you!

Prepare to Lose a Lot of Hours to Fun

The game play feels like a real time strategy with trace amounts of simulation. Like many Peter Molyneux games, Black & White has a different style than any game you've played before. You are the hand of God, giving you the power to help the villagers build a farm, or throw them over the mountains to their doom. The controls are unique and easy to master, making the game fun for experts and casual gamers alike. Using either a one or two-button mouse, B&W runs like a dream on the Mac. You should be prepared to spend a lot of time in front of the screen, for this game will engulf you. A game can last over 50 hours of adventure. The fact that Black & White is so huge and customizable, you will be tempted to start a whole new God when it is time to leave your Eden. Playing the game as both good and evil allows you endless possibilities and fun.

I am playing this game on an iMac G5 and let me tell you, it looks amazing! Even at the highest setting the game play stays smooth and the graphics stay sharp. The game's requirements allow for a wide range of compatible Macs, including diehard Mac OS 9 fans. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves adventure, strategy, or role playing games. Do yourself a favor and pick up this little miracle.

by Patrick Sullivan


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