Review : Tagalicious

Add the missing information in your music library.

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Product Manufacturer: The Little App Factory Pty. Ltd.

Price: $19.95 US

The Good

  • Simple iTunes-like interface.
  • Adds a variety of tags with one click.
  • You choose which tags you want to change.
  • Can change column view options and sort by any view.

The Bad

  • May not find all songs on an album.
  • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) only shows 500 songs.
The Little App Factory makes a number of useful utilties, many of them focus on files you save or use from CDs and DVDs. Tagalicious is a program you use to customize your music, after you copy it off other media. It is designed to attach pieces of information (metatags) to songs, such as album date, art, genre, and lyrics.

When you open Tagalicious, it connects to your iTunes library, and displays your music in a window markedly similar to iTunes. It also creates a couple of smart playlists. Updated this month, no more do you see six confusing playlists. Now, Tagalicious creates only three playlists: Updated Music, Tagged Music, and Untagged Music.

Tagalicious Main Window

Main Window

To add tags, you click a song or you can select multiple songs, and a blue wait cursor appears while Tagalicious goes out to find the corrected tidbits. When Tagalicious finds possible tags, the circle changes to yellow with three dots through the center and becomes a check mark after you choose the tags you want to update. You must send the information to iTunes to save the changes. Individual songs finish in seconds, but updating a library of missing tags can kill a whole evening or two. When you switch back to iTunes the new information appears, without requiring a restart.

Tagalicious Icons

Progress Icons By Songs - Cropped View

If Tagalicious finds tags that differ from what is currently attached to the song, you can choose between the old tags and the new ones. This means, you can pick and choose from each element and only apply the ones that you wish to change. Sometimes the suggested changes are simply capitalization issues, but all are highlighted in dark gray. While it is easier to choose songs from the List view, you can switch to album view without losing your place. The View Options let you add other categories of information to display and you can sort by any of the columns. In the Preferences, you choose whether you want Tagalicious to automatically select the existing tags or the new tags, as shown below. You still click the version of the tag you want to save.

Tagalicious Prefs

Tagalicious Preference Window

After you search for tags, but before you send it back to iTunes, the music appears in the Tagged Music playlist. When you send the information, the songs are moved to the Updated Music playlist.

Minor Glitches

I did run into some minor problems. For example, you can choose a whole album at once; but that doesn't mean it tags all the songs correctly. You need to click each song to check the new tags, and Send All to iTunes. Surprisingly, Tagalicious only found some songs on the same CD, as shown below. In some cases, the same album came up with different artwork and I could not make the tags match. This happened for multiple CDs, plus sometimes Tagalicious cannot find tags at all.

Tagalicious Album View

Tagalicious Album View - Cropped

It would nice to have an option to type in the missing information manually. After going though my four GB of music in iTunes Tagalicious was unable to find tags for approximately 20%. Audio books and podcasts also appear in the Untagged playlists, it does not find artwork for them.

Song Not Found

Song Not Found

It is unclear when you choose a whole album, but see the lyrics for only the first song, whether those tags apply correctly. Ilene's tests revealed that the correct lyrics are put with the correct song, even if the album art is missing.

New in Version 1.2

With version 1.1.1, Tagalicious started tracking the songs it updates from session to session. It also saves the list of tagged and unsaved songs. Previously, if you tagged your music and closed the program, the playlists reset themselves. The latest update this week, version 1.2, adds the ability to apply separate track artist tags for compilation CDs. In addition, Tagalicious has a new Track menu, in which you can view your changed song in iTunes, and can change information from the menu. You can also untag a previously tagged song. These are all welcome changes.

Track Menu

New Track Menu

If your songs have a lock icon next to them, it means they are downloaded from the iTunes store and are DRM protected. While you cannot change those tags, you still can add lyrics to those songs. You cannot change podcast or movie file tags though. If you use Mac OS X 10.5, Tagalicious only displays 500 songs, so you need to search for other titles not displayed automatically.

Tagalicious is a good solution to fix your song information. You need plan to spend a couple of nights tagging your music. While it is a pain to fix incorrect information, the program works well and does what it advertises. You can buy it from the App Store or from The Little App Factory directly for $19.95. Also, check the site for promotions.