Review : STM Glove

At the airport, I poured water on it hoping it would soak through

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Product Manufacturer: Standard Technical Merchandise

Price: $30

The Good

  • Excellent construction, small as possible, tough material.

The Bad

  • Henry Ford said, \"You can have it in any color you want, as long as it\'s black.\"

Nothing is more stressful then traveling with your laptop. Fear of losing it, damaging it, or having to take it in and out of its bag at the security check, all cause more stress than you would like when already juggling with your I.D., ticket, and other baggage. The STM Glove is a magnificent product that relieves a lot of that stress.

What is it good for?

The STM Glove is a black rubber-like cloth, which, as its names implies, "fits like a glove." STM produces 5 versions of the Glove to accommodate all Apple laptop sizes. Ranging from the portable 12" iBook to the 17" behemoth PowerBook, each STM Glove is perfectly tailored to hold its intended contents. Some companies squeak by with a single laptop pouch for both the 12" iBook and PowerBook but STM has created a specific version for each. This alone shows the attention put into the product. I received the STM Glove for 12" iBook and I cannot stress how much this product impresses me in design.


The zipper is located on the optical disc drive (or computer's ports depending in which direction you put it in) and reaches onto the front. Since it's such a tight fit, your laptop does not move around in the pouch. Moreover, it allows you to place the laptop right along side your books in a backpack without worrying that the surface will scratch. The material used is neoprene, a rubber type of cloth, which lets the laptop slide in and still allows you to grip it firmly in your hand. In conjunction with the waterproof material, the lip inside the zipper prevents anything to enter the pouch once closed; the STM Glove is impermeable in rainy situations. There are no handles or pockets on the inside or outside, which some would complain about, but then again, this is a product that is meant to be able to put in another bag.

Click to enlarge As hard as I might, I cannot find anything wrong with this product. Waiting at the airport, I poured water onto the material hoping it would soak through. Then tried to fold it between two books (after I took the iBook out) and the material did not even crease. Impressive.


I've gone through several laptop bags, ranging for the full-size laptop bag-briefcase combination to smaller bags with a handle, but I have never been happier than just having a single bag with everything in it when traveling. The STM Glove finally lets me do this without the hassle of folding the handles and straps, while still retaining the protection many other bags do not achieve, even at twice the size. Just remember that this product is not meant to replace a laptop bag, but just transform your favorite backpack or briefcase into a laptop bag. You will not be able to safely fit a thumb drive in the sleeve, but you will not need to if you use a bag to carry the laptop in the Glove.

(A thanks to Rushfaster, a major STM retailer, for providing the review unit.)