Review : SportWrap for iPod

A versatile case with no sharp edges.

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Product Manufacturer: Xtreme Accessories, LLC

Price: $29.95 US

The Good

  • Good construction. Does its job well. Water resistant.

The Bad

  • You may sweat under the band. Available only in black.
After my disappointing experience with a metal iPod video case, I rifled through my review products to find one that is not an attack case. That's my new term to refer to a case that has sharp edges, plastic that hits against the iPod, or enhancements, such as belt clips, that may have protruding parts that press against the iPod.

The only case two cases I found in my small pile are from XtremeMac, the TuffWrap and the SportWrap. I opted for the SportWrap because there are no moving parts (the TuffWrap has a removable screen protector). The SportWrap doesn't have a sexy design, but it does its job admirably. It is a simple case, made of black moisture-resistant neoprene. The almost-round case secures on three sides with robust Velcro that is well sewn with no messy seams. This is a working case, not a protective one.

How It Works

The iPod inserts into a pocket-type enclosure that is covered on the front with an iPod-sized piece of plastic. After you insert the iPod, make sure you press all the edges together to lock the Velcro. The plastic provides scratch protection only, and the click wheel is easy to use. The neoprene has two round headphone holes on both ends, one in the middle for older iPods, and one situated correctly for my 80GB iPod, so you are not limited to the arm you want to put the case around or the iPod. The holes stretch, so there's no worry about tearing them if you have a headset with a larger than normal neck on the jack.


The band that wraps around your arm is about one-foot long with double-stitched four 2.5 inch long by .5 inch wide Velcro tabs at half-inch intervals. It is long enough for most arms, unless you are a body builder. Olive Oyl or Calista Flockhart-thin people may also have trouble securing the armband. The strap wraps around a wide plastic tab that has an elastic loop next to it for keeping your cord in check. The tab never touches your arm though. The only color gracing the case is the small orange XtremeMac logo on the edge of the armband.


While the SportWrap is designed to use while exercising, I think the case is very useful on the train or plane too. You don't have to wrestle with the iPod and your luggage or briefcase, because it is totally accessible, yet out of the way on your arm. In addition, if you wrap or wad up the strap when you lie the case down, it angles the iPod so you can watch it when it's on a table.