Review : Spire Edge Laptop Sleeve

A simple laptop sleeve to carry alone or inside a pack.

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Product Manufacturer: Spire USA

Price: $20.00 US

The Good

  • Lightweight. Great price. Fits MacBook perfectly. Just the right amount of protection.

The Bad

  • Not water resistant. Slight opening in the top.
Traveling with your MacBook isn't always easy, especially if you're the type who - is meticulous about the care of your electronics. If you want to protect your computer on the go, you're usually faced with two options: a briefcase or a laptop-specific backpack. If you don't have either of those, you should consider a laptop sleeve, such as the well-priced Spire Edge.

The Edge is a versatile case. Unlike a briefcase, you can throw it in your backpack, or, you can carry it under your arm for short trips. Much like the MacBook it is designed to protect, the Edge is clean, simple, and easy to use. It's about as basic as laptop protection gets because you just open the triangular Velcro flap and slide in your laptop.

The Construction

The rugged exterior of the Edge is 1680D Ballistic nylon, whereas the interior is lined with a smoother padded 210D nylon. The one-inch thick, eight-ounce case is impressively lightweight and its impeccable construction ensures this case will last for years. The simple design includes black nylon edging on the flap and a small sew-in Edge logo on the front. It comes in two professional colors, Stealth Black and Arctic Gray and Black.

The Edge

A Closer Look at the Edge

This sleeve isn't designed to withstand much impact, but the 1/4" closed cell foam padding is more than enough to protect your notebook while it's tucked away in your backpack. The triangular shape of the flap does have a small gap in the upper left-hand corner, but this certainly doesn't affect the sleeve's ability to protect your laptop. In addition, the outer nylon isn't waterproof; so make sure to keep liquids away from the sleeve, just like you would for a bare notebook.

Just Enough Room

If you do decide to carry the sleeve by itself, it has just enough room to include a few sheets of paper, plus a passport and some boarding passes. If you prefer to use a sleeve with a shoulder strap, you want to look at the Spire Boot that includes a carrying handle and removable shoulder strap, but has a horizontal orientation. (Editor's Note: The Boot ($30) is presently on sale for a great price.)

The Edge case is available in three sizes, for 13", 15", and 17" Mac laptops. I tested the 13" case with the 13"MacBook Pro, and the case fits perfectly; Spire claims that the cases will fit the majority of non-Apple widescreen laptops as well, but check Spire's Bag Finder for the best model.

Overall, I found the Edge case to be the perfect mobile companion for my MacBook. The Edge is small, lightweight, and durable, and fits well when slipped in a messenger bag or backpack.

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Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor