Review : Speck ActiveFit iPod Armband

Active lifestyles require versatile iPod cases.

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Product Manufacturer: Speck Products

Price: $29.95 US

The Good

  • Comfortable. Breathable mesh on arm band. Stretch fabric allows for different sized video iPods. Edged with reflective material.

The Bad

  • White arm band may get dirty fast. Speck doesn’t specify materials used in the case. A couple of stray threads had to be cut off after a month or more of use.
Now that the weather in the Northeast is more conducive to outside activities, it's time to think about protecting your iPod for warm season activities. I started using the Speck ActiveFit last fall, but when the snow fell in feet in December, it didn't see much of the light of day, except while traveling.

I use a variety of iPod cases, depending on my activity of the day, but find the ActiveFit Armband a case worthy of any kind of activity. The gray ActiveFit consists of some unknown, yet durable, stretchy fabric into which my iPod slides. Although Speck clearly states the case is made only for the iPod Classic, I use it with my older iPod video. Elastic included on the sides of the ActiveFit allow for my thicker iPod. The fit is a little tight, but I've not had a problem.

Speck ActiveSport

Speck ActiveSport

Design and Construction

The inside felt-like material protects your iPod from scratching when it is inserted or removed. The case is sewn onto a breathable mesh pad that extends into a foot-long armband. The armband includes well-secured 1.25" long Velcro strips every inch. The band wraps into a metal horizontal ring well secured by some kind of nylon-like material. The video screen sits behind a flexible thick clear plastic sewn into the case. The Click Wheel is exposed though, so you may want to use a Gelaskin to protect it from grime. All the stitching is clean, straight, but a couple of dangling threads appeared after a few weeks of wear. Those should be cut off, not pulled, so as not to damage the case. Nylon thread secures the armband edging, while gray cotton thread secures the rest of the case.

Versatile Armband

When I fly, I like to secure my iPod on my arm so I don't accidentally knock it over and this very comfortable case doesn't protrude too far off my arm. You can angle the versatile ActiveFit so that you can use it on your wrist to watch movies, just tuck the armband out of the way under the case. It includes cutouts for the Hold switch and headphone port, but the Dock port has a protective folding strip that secures under the case with Velcro. The case isn't perpendicular to the armband; but offset, so it fits better than most other armbands I've used. It is much less bulky than Speck's previous iPod video ActiveSport.

Speck ActiveSport

Gel Logo on Backside of ActiveSport

Thoughtful Details

What I really like about this armband is the gel-like Speck logo on the back. It prevents the case from slipping around your arm whether you secure the case over clothing or directly on your skin. The breathable mesh not only helps dissipate iPod heat, but also reduces arm sweat. You can also purchase this case for the 3G iPod nano.

This is the third sports case I've tested and it's by far the best in its class. Links to other similar cases are included below.

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