Review : SCOTTEVEST Performance T-Shirt

Wear your iPod in style with a technology enabled shirt.

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Product Manufacturer: SCOTTEVEST, Inc.

Price: $34.99 USD

The Good

  • Sturdy construction. Interconnecting pockets. Performance fabric. Earphone loops.

The Bad

  • Two pockets are undivided.
After the holidays comes the classic search for awesome accessories following the widespread gifting of iPods, cell phones, and other gadgets. Delivering solutions to carry and manage a plethora of devices is the Idaho-based company SCOTTEVEST, Inc (SeV). I was lucky enough to receive one of their black Performance T-Shirts, also available in white, blue, and red. SeV produces innovative quality clothing, complete with their patented Technology Enabled Clothing, or TEC for short. The TEC line of clothing conceals devices, and reduces the geeky, over-encumbered appearance one faces when fully equipped with all your favorite toys. SeV manufactures accessories that range from gadget ties and attachable solar panels to several jackets with upwards of 50 individual pockets for storage. I am quite pleased with the Performance T-Shirt I received from SeV.

Functional and durable

The construction of this t-shirt is impressive. The material feels similar to a polyester sports jersey, and while the appearance appears a little bit shinier than a regular cotton shirt, the Performance T-shirt does well to blend in with the regular shirts. The fabric is soft and breathable, draws moisture away from you, and dries very quickly. What sets the shirt apart is the coveted SeV Personal Area Network (PAN), which connects the individual pockets with each other, plus wires up your body on the inside of the shirt for earphone or headset use.

Space Not Bulk

SCOTTEVEST succeeds in providing a subtle pocket system for their Performance T-Shirt, though unfortunately I must note that unless worn under a button-down shirt, as I normally do, I can see the pocket or iPod through the snug-fitting pliable material. The interiors of the pockets are soft, eliminating any possibility of skin abrasion while wearing your gear while in motion. These pockets are suspended internally so that the collar is resistant to being stretched or pulled due to the weight of your gadgets. I found this feature to be effective but not perfect; carrying heavier gadgets like heavy MP3 players and PDAs may result in a slight tug around the neck. The shirt seams are hardly visible and SeV finishes off their Performance T-Shirt with their subtle black icon located on the rear of the shirt below the collar.

Pockets for Three

The Performance T-Shirt has three pockets, one on the top left of the chest, one on the lower right near the waist, and one directly behind the latter that reaches behind your side. The lower pockets have room for two different devices, one in the front and one in the back, though there is no material to separate the pockets and only one zipper accesses them both. I found that two different devices could scratch each other when placed together here, contrary to their advertising. Integrated with the Personal Area Network are two small collar loops, designed for earphones, small headphones, or cellular telephone headsets. I thank SeV for finally providing me with a way to access my phone headset without fussing with cords, bringing a whole new level of convenience and usefulness to my cell's previously unruly headset. SCOTTEVEST provides a unique and innovative gear management system for the two or three devices it accommodates, and at $34.99, the Performance T-Shirt is a fine deal.

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor