Review : PowerSquid Power Multiplier

Function and form blend into a very useful product

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Product Manufacturer: Fiskars Brands, Inc., Power Sentry Div.

Price: MSRP $14.99 US

The Good

  • Fabulous design. Available in black, blue, and purple in local stores, such as Bed and Bath. Lifetime warranty.

The Bad

  • Itís a bit bulky for travel, but a portable version of the product is expected.
Form, function, and humor coalesce in the PowerSquid Power Multiplier, which is the funniest and coolest line multiplier on the market. Computers came into our lives with the promise of paperless offices, but arrived with a jumble of cables, large power bricks, and multiple peripherals. Now, most of us have too few power outlets. Conventional power adapters and line extenders add plugs, but often can't be used fully, because oversized plugs and power bricks obscure outlets.

A Useful Squid

Created by Trident Designs and manufactured by Power Sentry (a division of Fiskar Brands, Inc.), the PowerSquid is ideal for the office, dorm, or house. With an 18" long rounded head, the PowerSquid boasts 5 tentacles: 2 six inch, 2 eight inch and 1 center ten inch. Each tentacle ends in an easy to access outlet. The flexibility and alternate lengths mean that it's easy to locate the squid in a corner and plug in electronic devices even if they are located at different angles to each other. The unit also has a 4-foot flexible power cord. An easy to access lighted power switch is logically located in the middle of the head and includes a 15-amp circuit breaker. The PowerSquid carries Power Sentry's lifetime Tested Tough warranty.

Good Travel Accessory

Power supplies and line extenders are items we normally hide away. The PowerSquid comes in a several colors (including purple), so you might be tempted to leave it on a desktop for greater convenience and to elicit admiring chuckles from your friends. The PowerSquid is so useful, you'll want to take it with you when you travel. The current model is a little too large to be considered a laptop accessory, but a portable version is in development and should be available in 2007.

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor