Review : PDO Aluminum V2 and N2 Cases

Click anodized aluminium cases for your iPod.

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Product Manufacturer: PodsPlus / Portable Device Outfitters

Price: $24.99 and $29.99 US

The Good

  • Sturdy case. iPod click wheel protection. Swivel belt clip for iPod. Neck strap.

The Bad

  • Port openings leave iPod open to potential scratches.
The PDO Aluminum V2 Case for the 5th generation iPod video is manufactured to high standards, and the aircraft-grade aluminum case is nice and sturdy. The interior of the case, lined in a soft neoprene, is a similar texture as velvet. The internal fabric holds the iPod securely inside the case, and grips the iPod video while making it easy to remove. My first impressions of the case were positive, and I was equally pleased with its features after using it for a couple of weeks.

Colorful Design

Available in silver aluminum with a black click wheel cover or black aluminum with blue, black, white, or red click wheel colors, the iPod case I have is black with a red click wheel. The black aluminum has an impressive finish and a smooth feel. It looks a little boxier than the iPod itself, but still provides a clean appearance. The PDO Aluminum V2 Case has a clamshell design, with its hinge subtly located at the bottom of the case. It opens from the top with a small, easily accessible clamp. The case extends a little beyond the hold switch and headphone jacks to leave them exposed, but somewhat protected. It does the same for the dock connector at the bottom, so you can synchronize and charge your iPod, but you cannot place it in a dock due to the extra size.

Click wheel with Traction

The most distinguishing feature about this case is its bright red click wheel cover. The click wheel is not exposed; it is covered with a rubbery-feeling silicone layer. The red silicone provides a soft surface with which to manipulate your click wheel. I felt that the cover gave me more traction, and was happy to find that using it is every bit as accurate as an uncovered click wheel. On the other hand, some people feel that the silicone protector is a disappointing change from the uncovered smooth texture. A sturdy plastic window covers the iPod screen and protects it well.

There is a small recessed area on the rear of the case, to attach a belt clip or neck strap, and both options ship with the unit. The plastic belt clip attaches tightly.

Not complete protection

The only issue I have with the PDO Aluminum V2 Case is that the uncovered ports may allow things to scratch these exposed parts of the iPod. Most of us do not have a wardrobe by SCOTTEVEST with protective pockets, so it is only reasonable to expect that a case protect your iPod from car key or coin scratches. While PodPlus did a great job in preserving access to the iPod ports, they did disappoint in the way the V2 Case does not completely protect the iPod.

Good price

The structural support this iPod case offers is excellent. My iPod video is far safer in this case than in most others I have tried. At $29.99, this case is a great choice at a great price and it even comes with a 30-day return policy.

iPod nano

While Alex tested the iPod video case, PodPlus also offers the Aluminum N2 case for the second-generation iPod nano, which Ilene tested. This case is made with the same care and a similar design to the Aluminum V2 case. The color schemes available are the same also. The main difference is that the iPod nano case opens up from the side. The hinge and tab opening add a little width to the case and make it look a tad bulky, but it is a small price to pay for the rugged aluminum protection.

A feature worthy of noting is that the silicone covered click wheel includes etched menu commands, as exist on the iPod itself, which is nice for us dyslexics who cannot remember whether the Menu button is on the top or bottom. Seriously, this feature is not available on some click wheel covers and I need to see the control labels.

You can buy the PodPlus Aluminum N2 with an included neck strap, on the site for $24.99.

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor