Review : PDF2Office Professional

Extract text and graphics from PDF files easily.

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Product Manufacturer: Recosoft Corporation

Price: $129.00 US

The Good

  • Converts PDF files to a number of file formats Works quickly. Retain the file’s layout. Creates editable text. Can work with all or a range of pages Excellent downloadable tutorial. Demo version available on site.

The Bad

  • Was not able to use the contextual menu. Could not open a file through Microsoft Word’s file open dialog or Service options.
PDF2Office is a utility that extract data, text, and graphics, from a PDF document. It takes a PDF formatted document and converts it into a Microsoft Word document. After conversion, you can edit the document in Microsoft Word, Power Point, and AppleWorks as well as programs that read, text, RTF and HTML. It also converts document pages to JPEG, TIFF, or other graphic formats. It works fine with Microsoft Word X, 2004 and 2008. It attempts to retain the format of the original layout, so if you don't have the original fonts, it substitutes a similar font.

There are several versions of this software, and the Professional version has the most features. PDF2Office Standard seems to be a Windows product, and only converts PDF documents into Microsoft PowerPoint and Word formats. PDF2Office Personal ($59) is a plug-in that converts and extracts data for Microsoft Word for Mac and PC. PDF2Office Professional handles almost any conversion you want, as stated above. Recosoft's site includes a handy chart that compares the capabilities of the Mac versions.

PDF Document Conversion

I found the best way to convert a document is to open the PDF file in PDF2Office Pro and drag and drop files into the Conversion pane. The Preview pane shows you the document pages including graphics and formatted text. Within the Control Center, you determine the final converted format. You can pick Word Processing file, Presentation file, such as PowerPoint, Web Page, convert the whole document as an image, or convert just an image from the document. The Document Inspector panel reveals the PDF metadata, including who wrote the document, how it was processed into a PDF, page size, a font list, and document restrictions. According to the site, "PDF2Office strictly honors the security settings of a PDF document."


PDF Conversion to Word File Preferences

You can also batch convert a folder of PDF files. You set up your preferences, select a destination folder, and click the "choose button" to convert the documents. Your selected folder is populated with the converted document files.

Exported File Formats Available:

With PDF2Office Pro, you can open a PDF document through Microsoft Word just like any Word Document. You simply set the options you need, including properties, information, graphics, tables, apply page breaks, image type, resolution, and page range. You are then able to open the file in a new Word document.

PDF2Office also uses the Services Menu to open and recover text data from a PDF document. You can save the entire document or a range of pages. If you do not have Word, you use the Mac Services Menu to open your PDF document in the iWork Pages program. Although PDF2Office Pro is capable of opening a PDF file using the contextual menu with a control-click, I was not able to do this.


While using the PDF2Office Professional program, most everything worked well. I was able to batch convert files using a number of options. I converted PDF files to Word as a .DOC or .RTF formatted document and was able to keep the format of the original file. PDF2Office even retained the graphics. I also created PowerPoint documents with text from a PDF. Even large documents, over 80 pages, converted quickly, and the text was editable. I frequently create flyers for scouting events and save them in the PDF format and place them on a website. With PDF2Office Pro, it is easy to make changes to these PDF document when needed.

I was not able to find PDF2Office as a choice in the Microsoft Word opening screen. I was able to find PDF2Office in the service option, but was not able to find a program on my drive that could use it. I tested PDF2Office 4.8 on an older G4 Power Mac with System OS X 10.4.11 and a New Mac with an Intel Processor using OS X 10.5, but the software also works in Mac OS X 10.3.9. An upgrade from other PDF2Office Pro versions is $60 and if you bought version 3.1 on or after November 25, 2007, version 4.0 is a free upgrade.

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