Review : Mi Jam Drummer

Jam away with drumsticks designed by Mi Jam.

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Product Manufacturer: b2, a division of Blue Box International

Price: $29.98 US

The Good

  • Easy to use controls. Lots of drum grooves to play. Easy to read documentation.

The Bad

  • Batteries not included. Drum sounds can't be changed.
If music is your passion and you want to drum along without spending thousands on a drum kit, the Mi Jam Drummer may be just the thing. The Drummer includes two well-made electronic drumsticks and a round controller connected to an input jack that fits into any MP3 player. Your headphones go into a jack in the controller. You won't learn to play the drums with the Mi Jam Drummer, but you can jam along with your music.

Groove to the Beat

This toy is sensitive enough to be a lot of fun with simple drum playing. There are several tempo-variable drum grooves to play along with your music. Thumb buttons on each stick make it possible to play all parts of the drum kit in a limited way using only your two hands. Controls turn on cymbals, a tom tom, a floor tom, and bass drum. A fill-in button lets you choose a fuller sound based on the pre-loaded drum grooves it is set to use.

Well-made Sticks

The sticks are light and easy to hold. You can also change the volume of the drum sounds to create a mix between the drums and music that comes from your iPod or other music source. The sticks do not play when actually hit on a surface, but the tips are made of a rubber material that causes rebound. All volume, tempo, and drum controls are easy to use. One caveat is that the Mi Jam Drummer works well with headphones of any type, but they note that the sound may vary with external speakers. As with all external sound devices, remember to turn the sound down before turning the Drummer on.

Designed for Use

The round controller includes the power switch, volume, and tempo controls. An attached clip keeps it close, so that you don't stretch the over three feet of cord that attaches the unit to the drum sticks. The 26" cord on the jack is enough to keep your MP3 player at a reasonable distance. It does not have the normal sliding cover for the required two-AAA alkaline batteries, so an adult must install batteries with a small screwdriver.

This air-drumming toy provides plenty of drumming entertainment and is appropriate for any age over eight. Mi Jam's attention to detail and design is well worth the price. You don't have to go to special resellers to purchase Drummer either, because it is available at Toys "R" Us, Best Buy, and other easily found stores or purchase it online at the B2 Lounge.