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Create presentations with ease at a great price

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Product Manufacturer: macXware (Div. of Summitsoft Corp.)

Price: MSRP $29.00 US

The Good

  • Easy to use. Robust software with a lot of features. Comes with a printed manual.

The Bad

  • Program takes a little time to get used to using. Manual is a must read.
Do you ever need to make a tutorial to show your students or clients how to do a task? Do you like to create slide shows with background music and great effects? Or do you need to create business reports or training videos, but need an easy to use program? MacCapture can do all of these.

Presentations with Aplomb

MacCapture is not just a video capture program; it is also an easy to use video editor. MacCapture can record the steps you take to accomplish a task to a video file. For example, if your client needs to know how to set up the preferences to your software program, MacCapture can record and save each step. It can also add text to a video or a circle around a check box, and even create a voice over audio component that talks a client through each step. MacCapture can also use a folder full of images and video clips to create a slide show with transitions and music in the background.

Easy to Use

To start a MacCapture project, first enter the height and width of the screen capture area you desire. Set the frame rate and quality functions, understanding that the more frames per second the larger the file size. Then determine if you want your cursor to go out of the capture area. If so, do you want the cursor to pan from the capture area to another area on your screen? For example, do you need to click on a pull down menu or an icon elsewhere on your screen? Once you have made your preset selections, you are ready to click on the record button or key combo that you have set up. Everything you see on your screen within the capture area is recorded to video. Press the stop button and your Screen Record clip appears in the Organizer window.

Once you have made your capture, you can modify or enhance it in MacCapture's video editor, which is much like iMovie. You can combine clips, add audio or a voice over, and create transitions.

If you have a folder full of your vacation photos or any subject, use MacCapture to create a slide show. You can mix slides and videos within the Media Browser. MacCapture even lets you capture clips from your digital video camera and add them to your project.

Customize with Graphic Tools

MacCapture also has a number of graphic tools to paint on your movie. If you need to add brush strokes or lines of text, use the standard paint tools to create your effects. You can add a thought balloon over Uncle Sid's head and place text into it, because it easily lets you add text to your slides or video. If you want to use fades or other transitions between clips or slides, MacCapture provides them.

Add Audio from Built-in Library

After you have your video just right, add audio. Import a song from iTunes or any sound file. Use the Sound Track Tools to tweak the sound or record audio from a microphone. MacCapture also includes an Audio Library of music and sound effects. If you want to edit a sound file so you only use the second verse, or want the sound byte to loop to the end of your movie and then fade out, no problem. MacCapture has lots of audio tools to make your sound do what it needs to do.

You can also add effects or filters to a single or multiple frame sequence. There are a number of effects built into MacCapture, including a blur or motion effect, as well as a zoom in or out effect, and a reverse motion effect. MacCapture can even make text scroll across a still graphic. Export your project to QuickTime too, so you can share your movie with your Mac and PC friends.

Robust Utility

MacCapture is a robust utility that offers a lot of punch for the price. You can even try it out before you buy it.

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