Review : Iconz for iPods

Fun and versatile iPod video and iPod nano cases

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Product Manufacturer: XtremeMac

Price: $24.95 and 29.95 US

The Good

  • Thick rubber with clear screen cover. NBA, MLB, or TV and cartoon characters in full color.

The Bad

  • None found at this time. Not all your favorite teams are available. No Mighty Mouse (and I don\'t mean the computer mouse!)
While some iPod product manufacturers struggle to differentiate their products, and others put out decidedly odd products, or buy mass produced drek and slap their label on, XtremeMac is taking a more innovative approach. They create colorful cases or simply match their peripherals to the black and white iPods available. In what is a masterful idea, they took their well-made rubber cases and licensed logos from sports leagues and cartoon and TV shows. This is brilliant marketing while meeting demand for well-made cases.

Iconz Cases

The line of video iPod and Nano Iconz cases live up to XtremeMac's reputation for high quality and provide another level of amusing entertainment. These cases are made of a thick protective rubber, advertised to protect the whole iPod from nicks and scratches; but as my experience has attested, they also protect from simple falls. (I am referring to a drop from the lap as you disembark from a car or a short topple out of a pocket jacket.) A layer of thin clear rubber protects the screen. The click wheel is also covered, but is useable through the case. While there are cut outs on the top for the hold buttons and the headphone jack, the bottom is open. This allows you to dock the iPod or even use some of the portable iPod stereo systems without removing the case. The case has a nice tight fit too.

Iconz Sport Cases

You can choose a numbered iPod video or nano case with your favorite team's logo from Major League Baseball (MLB) or the National Basketball Association (NBA). Only ten teams are available now, including my Boston Celtics and Red Sox! The iPod nano cases go even one step further, with player Dwayne Wade from Miami, and LeBron James from Cleveland highlighted on the case.

Selections from the iPod Video Collection

If sports aren't your passion, just choose from Darth Vader, Tweety Bird, Superman, Homer Simpson, Batman, or Speed Racer for the iPod video. You can dress your nano in Bart Simpson, Tweety, Scooby Doo, Sponge Bob Squarepants, or Star Wars. All of these cases have a translucent back.

Only time will tell to see how the imprints hold up to daily use. My cases haven't gotten scratched yet, but I assume some wear will be evident after a few months of use. I just hope the graphics don't fade or rub off.

These cases are just the thing to add style and panache to anyone's iPod.