Review : Foscam C2 Indoor HD Wireless Camera

Another contender in the WiFi home security ring, with flaws

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Product Manufacturer: Foscam

Price: $120

The Good

  • excellent night view capabilities
  • both cloud and local storage
  • small size

The Bad

  • Highly visible
  • EZLink setup is anything but easy
  • View angle could be a little wider
  • Like all wifi cameras, it is susceptible to hacking
If you're not sold on whole-home security systems, but you're looking for a good way to help protect your home when you can't be there to do it, you've got an array of choices to pick from. Today, we add another WiFi security camera to our collection that we've reviewed, the Foscam C2 Indoor HD Wireless Camera.

Why Bother?

A lot of people aren't sold on getting a home security camera, and for some people they're not a right fit. But take a moment to think about those times when you'd like a little extra security in your home. Maybe you can't afford a whole house security system with a large monthly bill, but you want a way to keep your family and belongings out of harms way. Maybe you just hired a new babysitter or care provider for a family member, and you're concerned that they may not be doing their job correctly. Or maybe you're about to head off on a vacation, and the thought of leaving your house for a week or two without having anyone to regularly check on it is keeping you up at night. These are all great reasons for you to think about investing in a WiFi security camera.

Not So Subtle

Like the SpotCam we tried out forever ago, this isn't what we'd consider a terribly subtle device. It's shiny, bright white which draws attention to its lens and IR LEDs, so you're probably not going to be able to inconspicuously tuck it away in your bookshelf. We think that your best hope for making this feel like it's not out of place is placing it near a desktop computer or other tech setup, where it might not seem so out of place. On the plus side, it is rather small.

See it All

One of the better things about this webcam is it's HD resolution, a sharp 1080p with an extra wide 120 viewing angle, allowing you to easily keep tabs on your home while you're away. It's also got infrared LEDs which give you up to just about 26 feet of night-vision, which means that just because the sun goes down, your house doesn't have to be unprotected.

Still No Hassle Free Setup

The one thing we always gripe about is how hard it is to set up wireless cameras, because historically, it's not something that has been terribly intuitive. SpotCam was a nightmare as it required you to temporarily set up the SpotCam as a remote access point so it could bypass the wireless settings, giving us almost an hour of setup time for something that should have only taken a few minutes. The C2 claims that it should be easier by using a QR code to help you access your WiFi settings, but no such luck. We followed the directions to the letter, and we were unable to get it online. According to other reviews left on both the App Store and Google Play, we weren't the only ones, either. We did, however, find success in using an Ethernet cable with our C2.

View From Anywhere on Anything

Instead of feeling tethered to just viewing on your phone or your computer, the C2 allows you to view and record your video footage from multiple places, including iOS devices, Android devices, web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari,) as well as via other apps like TinyCam Monitor and Live Cams Pro.

Of course, you don't have to be actively monitoring your camera at all times, either. The C2 includes a microSD slot, so if you want to keep your data for viewing later, it's a relatively simple process. If you don't want to worry about being responsible for the recorded data, Foscam also offers cloud storage services at an additional cost.

Leave Your Worries Behind

And if you're worried about having to wait to review footage, or having to worry about actively monitoring your cameras at all times: don't. The C2 is a motion detecting camera and will send you an alert, either via the app or an email, to let you know if it detects any movement. While those of us who have free-range pets may not appreciate the constant alerts, we'd imagine that it offers peace of mind for those who often leave their homes or shops vacant for extended periods of time.

The Obligatory Home Security Camera Warning

We've done this song and dance about home security several times at this point, so if you're already used to our lecture, feel free to skip this point and read our conclusion. If you're new, however, please indulge us for a second. WiFi is only as secure as you're willing to make it, and if you're not ready to make sure you've crossed all your t's and dotted every last one of your i's, we don't recommend these types of security cameras. It's not terribly hard for someone to access one from outside your home through your home network, and it's certainly not hard for them to take control of the camera to use it as a device to spy on you. We're not saying that you shouldn't purchase one, but we are saying that you need to be willing to be extra cautious to keep yourselves safe. We're somewhat fond of you guys, after all.

The Verdict

The C2 is what we'd consider a good, middle-of-the-road webcam. We like it better than Spotcam as it offers local recording and a wider view. It's not as inconspicuous as the D-Link security camera we viewed, but it does offer significantly better night vision capabilites and is far cheaper. We think this is the sort of thing that comes down to the kind of use you're going to need it for, but as far as a WiFi Camera goes, it's a decent one at a decent price. The Foscam C2 Indor HD Wireless Camera is available directly from Foscam's website and costs $120.

Who the Foscam C2 Indor HD Wireless Camera is intended for:
Anyone who is looking for a relatively inexpensive, yet still functional way to secure their home while they can't be within it.

Who won't need a Foscam C2 Indor HD Wireless Camera:
If you've already got a home security system, or if you're not sure how to keep your wireless network secure, we suggest skipping this one.

-Amber Neely (@SurferAmber)

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