Review : Boynq Sound2Go

A portable iPod stereo with protective cover for travel.

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Product Manufacturer: Boynq

Price: 29.99 US

The Good

  • Includes cover. Good construction. Usable at multiple angles. Comes in black or white.

The Bad

  • No depth of sound. Does not charge iPod. MSRP too high.
Summer is on its way, even though its still 30-degrees in the northeast, and this means its time to look at some of the portable music stereo systems available. Presently I have the iFrogz Vibez and the Boynq Sound2Go on deck. First, we'll listen to the Boynq stereo portable.

The Boynq Sound2Go is a compact portable speaker system for your iPod or any MP3 player that measures 8.5 x 6.5 x 4.75 inches in height. Its one-pound weight is a bit hefty for a suitcase, especially if you're limited to one bag on your airline of choice. It is useful for vacation get-aways, if you can still afford gas to go anywhere, or as a personal sound system on your desk at work.

How It Works

The white or black plastic Sound2Go powers uses four AA batteries or you can plug the included DC-jack and USB cable into your laptop. Unfortunately, even when connected by USB cable, your iPod does not charge. This is where the product falls down in its rating; it either uses your computer power or its own battery power and the charge in your iPod; a double whammy.

The two side panels are legs that cleverly twist and angle the Sound2Go in a variety of positions. A large dial controls the sound, but your iPod volume control also works. A small yellow light between the volume knob and Boynq logo indicates it is on and the dial clicks audibly when you turn it off.

Sound2Go screen

White Sound2Go with Legs Twisted Out

Inside are two 3-watt RMS 8 Ohm speakers, not much for filling a lot space with music, but enough for personal listening. A silver aluminum grill covers them. When turned up all the way, I expected ear-splitting distortion, but it wasn't too bad; although the high end picked up noticeable noise. There's no bass boost either. The sound doesn't carry far, but the Sound2Go would be ok for a family or friends at a picnic table, in a hotel room, or on a desk. The sound isn't anything to write home about, but it's made for easy portability, not acoustic excellence.

For example, last week's free tune in the iTunes store, Agua del Pozo by Alex Cuba tosses the sound from speaker to speaker and you barely notice it. The speakers are so close together it's barely a stereo experience. There's no depth of sound either, so if you like a full sound, this isn't the portable for you.

Other Features

To its credit, the 3.5mm audio jack is built in and fits inside a recessed area under the unit. It also includes a black nylon wrap case that secures on four pegs on the bottom that protect the Sound2Go when in transit. When you install batteries, you just pick it up and go; that's convenient.

Sound2Go screen

Black Sound2Go with Cover

I think this durable speaker could easily withstand the abuse delivered by a child between 8 and 15. While the $30 price tag is a bit much for the sound produced, I found it on sale at Target, Sports Authority, and Amazon for around $15.00.