Review : Rapoo A300 Mini Bluetooth NFC Speaker

A lot of thump in a little box

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Product Manufacturer: Rapoo

Price: $60

The Good

  • Bluetooth, NFC communication
  • Small and lightweight
  • Good quality audio, particularly for the size

The Bad

  • Simultaneous dual device connection not very reliable in our tests
  • Disappointing apps
  • Customer support needs improvement
The Rapoo Bluetooth Mini NFC Speaker is a little metallic box about the size of a baseball. In spite of its small size, we were very pleased with the volume and quality of the sound it produced. The documentation made some claims of fancy features we weren't able to substantiate, but the overall performance of the speaker, compared to other portable Bluetooth speakers, was pretty swell in our opinion.

The speaker paired readily with the devices we threw at it. With Bluetooth we connected an iPhone 5, and iPad Mini 2, a Windows 7 laptop, and a Galaxy Tab 3. With NFC we connected a Galaxy S5. From each of these devices we were able to play music and, in the cases were the device was a phone, take calls. The speaker doesn't appear to have a mic on it, so when it's being used for calls, the user still needs the phone near their mouth to be heard well on the other side.

The documentation indicates that more than one device can be connected to the speaker at a time. We're not entirely sure why somebody would want to do this. We suppose if the users were using their devices with or as musical instruments and wanted their hot jams to come out of the same speaker ... but we also don't think this feature is for playing music from two sources simultaneously. It seems to indicate users can connect two devices via the Bluetooth 4.0, but we couldn't make it happen. We couldn't even have two devices connected simultaneously with one connected NFC and the other Bluetooth. We've contacted Rapoo support about this, their response was that connecting two devices via Bluetooth is possible. They suggested we keep the first device very close to the speaker and make the speaker the default on the second device, and if it continued not to work to return the unit to our retailer to make a warranty claim.

We also contacted Rapoo about the iOS and Android apps available for controlling playback on the speaker, but they didn't respond to those questions at all. We can't recommend them as the iOS app kept crashing when we hit "play" and the Android app didn't play music on the speaker. These apps would be nice-to-haves, but ultimately don't factor into what we think of the speaker itself, since connecting the device to the speaker directly through NFC and Bluetooth works great and we're just fine with the apps we already use for playback.

All that being said, we're really quite impressed with the quality, volume, and base that comes out of this little speaker. We think this could easily become our go-to portable speaker for camping and travel. It's less than one pound (or just under half a kg) and small, so it's easy to take anywhere. We also like how loud it can get, if the user ups the volume on their device mobile device and it's still not loud enough, the volume increase button on the speaker itself will keep pumping up the volume even louder. The documentation claims 12 hours of battery life. In our longest stretch between charging sessions the A300 played music and podcasts for eight hours - in a row, followed by nine hours on standby after which we listened to another three hours of music before we wimped out and plugged it in to charge.

Bottom line, this is going in our purse for emergency speaker purposes.

The Rapoo A300 Mini Bluetooth NFC Speaker has an MSRP of $60 but has it on sale starting at $32 depending on which color speaker face one chooses.

Who the Rapoo A300 Mini Bluetooth NFC Speaker is for:
Anyone who needs to amplify sound from a wirelessly from a mobile device, but has a tight budget for cost, weight, and space.

The Rapoo A300 Mini Bluetooth NFC Speaker might not be if:
The user needs their equipment to be rugged because it might get knocked around or wet.

Michelle Elbert (@mcelbert)