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HP's 24'' ZR2440w display

August 1st, 2012
HP ZR2440w monitor aims to please businesses and consumers

HP recently expanded its business display lineup to include the 24-inch ZR2440w. The 1920x1200 monitor is not aesthetically flashy, but the company promises excellent performance and a slew of features that step beyond a basic consumer model. In our full review, we try to determine if the ZR2440w is worth the extra cash. Design

The ZR2440w offers a matte black housing that maintains a professional appearance but without being too bland. The display panel is surrounded by a 0.75-inch bezel, relatively thin for a business display, though build seems a bit thick at 2.4 inches.

We were impressed by the mounting system, which quickly detaches if the display needs to be connected to a wall mount. The base takes up very little space, leaving within the rectangular ring an empty area that can be used as a desk surface.

Users can adjust the monitor height by pressing a button on the backside, with a range of four inches. The base provides the typical tilt adjustment, ±45 degrees of swivel, and 90 degrees of rotation for portrait orientation. The combination of adjustments enables a wide range of potential configurations.


The ZR2440w utilizes in-plane switching (IPS) technology, which has become increasingly popular for displays, tablets and other devices. We found the HP display to offer the same 178-degree viewing angles that we\'ve experienced with other IPS-equipped hardware.

Color representation on the ZR2440w\'s IPS panel is rich and vibrant, but without hedging toward the excessive saturation of OLED panels found on many mobile devices. Its 6ms response time is quick enough for movies and most other fast action, though not quite as fast as some monitors that are geared for gaming.

We liked the antiglare finish that protects the display panel. In a home environment, users can rearrange a glossy monitor or turn off lights to avoid annoying reflections, but that is not an option in most offices. The layer effectively reduced glare, without distorting fine details when viewing photographs or small fonts. The monitor\'s 350-nit brightness also helps overcome glare.

Connection options

The ZR2440w provides a decent range of connection options, enabling users to attach the monitors to computers with DisplayPort, DVI-D or HDMI outputs. Aside from the video-signal routing, the monitor also provides a USB output that connects to the computer, two USB inputs along the side edge, two additional USB inputs on the backside, and a choice between analog or digital (S/PDIF optical) audio output.

We found the 1920x1200 resolution to be effective for most computing tasks, and we welcomed the one-to-one scaling option for watching 1080p content without distortion.

Final thoughts

Although the ZR2440w is not the cheapest 24-inch monitor, carrying a $400 retail price, it is an effective product that fits its niche. In all significant judgement categories—color representation, brightness, viewing angles, response time, and mounting flexibility—the monitor proves to be well engineered.


Wide viewing angles
Vibrant colors
Many connection options

Unexciting aesthetics