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Camera Plus Pro for iPhone

May 31st, 2011
A comprehensive photo editor for any photo on your iPhone.

Camera Plus Pro is an inexpensive, yet comprehensive photo editor for any photo stored on your iPhone. Camera Plus Pro from Global Delight takes your photos to a new level of display. This 16.6 MB iPhone app lets you apply a variety of edits to your photos to enhance, colorize, or even make a mess of your shots. You can crop, rotate, flash your shots, plus use standard editing tools, such as change the brightness, saturation, hue, contrast, sharpness, tint, and temperature. An easy to use slider control lets you control these edits. In addition to these many tools, Camera Plus Pro now has 21 new Photo filters, and 9 Distortion Effects.

Standard Editing Tools

When you shoot with your iPhone, it also lets you add a Timer, Burst Mode, and Subject tags. Three features to help you shoot like a pro, include White Balance lock, Anti-Shake, and Grid Lines to position your subject. The grid can be used in video recording as well. Other amenities include Sync to Camera Roll, you can Geo Tag them, Lock and add customized Copyright data. campluspro_other.jpg

Share, Sync, Geo Tags, Lock, Copyright Screen

As if that isn't enough, Camera Plus Pro also provides easy uploads to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube, or you can mail the edited photos to yourself. We shall take a closer look at the newest features.

Upload Choices

New Effects

Global Delight solves one problem I have with other editing apps: That you can only preview effects individually. In Camera Plus Pro you can preview your image in a number of effects at the same time, so that you don't have to scroll through all the numerous effects one by one. I only wish that you could view some of them in landscape mode, but it only seems to work in portrait mode, until you finish your edits. If you want to change an effect, you can resort to the standard editing tools to refine your choice.

On the Global Delight site, different photos show you each effect, which makes them hard to compare. Our Editor Ilene elected to choose one nature and one portrait photo and to show you the effects below. When you consider that to apply these effects to photos on your Mac, you need some sophisticated software that costs $50 and more, this app is quite a deal, because it only costs $1.99. Now, I know there may be a variety of apps to edit photos on your iPhone, but this is my first foray into this type of software, and I'm impressed. The photos below are a Moscovy Duck shot with a Nikon and a 1900 portrait of my Great Grandfather (who was a professional photographer) and sons, scanned by Ilene. Neither of us has any shots taken with the iPhone suitable for public consumption.

Nostalgia Effects

Effects include Nostalgia that lets you add a variety of colored effects to your photos to emulate various types of film. While Lomo effect spices up your colors, the Coffee, Retro Green, Rust, Chocolate, and Retro Red gives you a colorcast to create different moods. Inked, Antique, and Washed give you more blacks, with brown and gray overtones, while Washed does exactly what you expect; it washes out your photos.

Nostalgia Effects with Nature Nostalgia Effects with Portrait

Special Effects

Special effects include Xpro to deliver high contrast, Pop, which seems to wash out your photo. Toy Camera, Scarlet, and Glam change your colors a bit, while Frosty adds an icy white wash. Scarlet is similar to Retro Red, as Aged is similar to Antique. Contrast though, gives you an HD grunge look to your photo.

Special Effects with Nature Special Effects with Portrait

Colorize Effects

Colorize filters apply a color cast to your shots that give them a variety of looked including grayscale, warmth, or pop the color. These filters are called Sepia, Arsel, Sunset, Moss, Faded, Velvet Warm, Aortic, and Vibrant.

Colorize Effects with Nature Colorize Effects with Portrait

Artistic Effects

HDR adds some high definition contrast to your photo, although I like creating that effect better with the Contrast slider and some color added. Fantasy not only adds a tan colorcast, it adds an edge darkening that does well to highlight a centered subject. Vignette adds the same border as Fantasy, but doesn't change your colors. Grunge, gives you a harsh border, while Pop-art adds a paint-by-numbers feel to your photos. Emboss is an interesting filter to apply to a shot with hard edges, as it gives a 3-D effects to your lines and objects. X-ray does what you expect, but Heat Signature maps a temperature color to your image. Pencil Sketch is another effect that works well if you have hard edges in your photo.

Artistic Effects with Nature Artistic Effects with Portrait

Distortion Effects

Distortion Filters do just that; they add different types of distortion to your shots. I'm not a fan of these as I have enough trouble getting the shot I want without adding bulging or swirls; but these are fun edits to apply. They make good fodder to use in birthday cards or postcards.

Distortion Effects

The effects include Center offset, Pixelate, Bulge, Squeeze, Swirl, Noise, Light Tunnel, Fish Eye, and Mirror. These effects do not work well with portraits, but two ships in a harbor yield an interesting effect.

Artic Filter and Mirror Distortion

Each of these filters works well with different kinds of photographs, so that you can opt to edit almost any shot with an interesting effect. All of the effects apply quickly, but they are global, i.e. they apply to your whole photograph. If you want to edit specific parts, this app wonít meet your needs, but you can apply multiple effects to achieve interesting results.

Retro Red, Artistic Grunge Filter and more Applied

When you save an effect, a copy of your photo is saved to the phone, so don't worry about losing your original. I just wish you could look up to see which filters were applied to the edited photos. Needless to say, the cost to you is in battery power. While editing three photos, I ate up 30% of my battery life in an hour. If you need to actually use your phone to make calls, I recommend that you stay near a power supper or tether it to your computer or another charging device. Alternatively, you can use a case with a power pack.

While a number of these features also work on video, I did not test this, because I use a Flip for video and not my iPhone. Camera Plus Pro was updated to Version 3.4 on May 12th, and is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Scarlet Filter (Special), Vignette and Grunge (Artistic), Center Offset

Original Photo - Moscovy Duck

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor. Photos ©Ilene hoffman 2011
-Many editing features.

-Applies filters quickly.

-Easy to use.

-Simple upload to a variety of photo sites.

-Saves edited photo separately. -Can tag photos.

-Can edit any photo stored on your phone.

-Cannot look up which effects applied.

-Editing eats battery life.

-Border tools arenít very interesting.