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EarPollution CS40 Comfort Series

March 1st, 2010
Light long wearing muff-style headphone.

The CS40s are a good choice for an everyday muff style headphone for any music enthusiast who wants quality at a reasonable price. The EarPollution CS40 comfort series headphones are designed for those audiophiles who want a light long wearing muff-style headphone. These comfortable snazzy looking headphones make long listening periods enjoyable.

Muff Style

The muff style covers the ears, without enclosing them in a cup, which bothers many people. The ear pads sit on the ear without abrasion or irritation from the light foam padded earpieces. The soft padding, enclosed in a plastic or vinyl-looking material, does not heat up your ears either. In contrast to expensive cup headphones, these lightweight headphones do not cancel surrounding noise or isolate it as other headphone products might. They do eliminate some of the surrounding sound, but maintain the ability to hear louder more insistent outside noise. So, if you have traffic noise in your home, as I do, they do eliminate some of that annoyance.

Blue EarPollution CS40

Similar to the previously reviewed ifrogz LUXE microbuds, the sound is well balanced with highs and lows equally represented and presented in a crisp clear stereo. I experienced no clipping or distortion at high decibel levels. The bass seems muted in some songs, unless you turn up your volume, which we never recommend for hearing safety. The mid-range comes through clearly. I like to test headphones with music that includes the breath of the singer or the sound of fingers sliding across the frets of a guitar as a measure of ton sensitivity. The EarPollution CS40s reproduced the changing chords on a guitar well, but other musical nuances were lost. This lack of sensitivity may ruin the musical experience for true audiophiles.

The Look

The CS40 headphone duo-toned band has black rubber on the top, while the sides sport one of 5 eye catching high gloss finish colors including black, red, blue, pink or white. The band slides easily to accommodate different size heads, but stays put and doesnít grab the head, unlike other over the head models I have used.

The inside of the rubber-cupped earpieces is dressed up with a dot of color matching the band. My black and white pair where pleasing, although I would like another sticker to grace the outside of earphones, rather than the stock radiation-warning symbol. It just doesnít have that professional look I prefer.

Red EarPollution CS40

While I really didnít want to take them off, the padded earphone pieces have a mind of their own, and they slipped frequently. My smaller head bobbing to the rhythm may have been one problem, but another female user found her hair kept the earpieces from sitting in one place. Another tester, a male with short hair and more cranial surface, didnít experience as much slippage. The solution seems to be, donít nod your head to the music.

The long wire stayed conveniently out of my way and the earpieces fold up inside the headband for carrying. Although I liked the finish, I question the long-term durability, as the materials seem somewhat brittle. I just wish they had included a bag and lost the clamshell packaging. The CS40s are a good choice for an everyday muff style headphone for any music enthusiast who wants quality at a reasonable price, but doesnít plan to move much while listening. Technical Specs

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor
Light weight. Reasonable price. Comfortable, but may slip. Good sound quality. Good treble and bass balance for true stereo. Cons
Straight plug that sticks out an inch below the connection point. No case for storage. Earpieces slip a little if you move too much.