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EarPollution Luxe Micro Bud with Mic

February 25th, 2010
Reasonably price earbuds with microphone and clear sound.

The well-balanced sound of the LUXE Microbuds includes equally represented highs and lows presented in a crisp clear stereo. The EarPollution Luxe Microbud headphones with in-line microphone from ifrogz include a feature set that you typically do not have packaged together. This great combination makes all the sense in the world as a package for a business-minded audiophile. These ear pollution noise isolating earbuds have the small round silicon earbuds that are comfortable and well-fitted to block out noise except that which emanates from your iPhone or Blackberry. If you do not like headphones with ear canal intrusive buds, and donít want a big external muff style, these are the ones for you. Although the Luxe Microbuds form a light seal, they do not sit too deeply into the ear canal, and only meet the outer ear and block out the majority of external noise.

Silver Luxe Microbuds

The difference between noise isolating and noise canceling is the technologies employed. Noise isolating allows you to hear surrounding sound, but it doesnít interfere or detract from the enjoyment of the music or conversation. Noise canceling headphones introduce sound or technical sound interference to mask external sounds. They are less popular in situations where hearing external noises such as announcements or traffic are important. They are very effective in eliminating airplane noise, crying babies, and people who just wonít stop talking.

Blue Luxe Microbuds with Mic

The well-balanced sound of the LUXE Microbuds includes equally represented highs and lows presented in a crisp clear stereo. I experienced no clipping when listening to rock, classical or techno genres. The clear bass tones donít thump in your head, nor do the highs get tinny. They do not have their own volume control, but they responded well to the iPod touch volume and responded at a similar level of volume when transferred to the Blackberry. I also listened to movies that had extensive musical tracks and the sound was not tinny or distorted in any way.

The headphones include an inline microphone - a real bonus for an inveterate talker who listens to music. The microphone sound is crisp and the call recipient did not have any complaints as to softness or tunneling. In fact, someone who was hard of hearing thought the sound was better than normal. Ambient noise may be picked up by the microphone, but to a lesser degree than other earbuds.

Red Luxe Microbuds with Mic

Six accent colors on the buds themselves jazz up the black cabling, including black, blue, green, orange, pink, red, and silver. I tested the metallic lime model. The 43-inch cable length is perfect with the in-line microphone well positioned just below chin level to pick up the voice and little else.

Green Luxe Microbuds

The EarPollution Luxe Micro Bud with Mic is a good choice for an everyday headphone for the iPhone or Blackberry user who needs to listen to music or talk. You wonít lose the quality needed for a phone conversation and the price is great. Technical Specs

Edited by Ilene Hoffman, Reviews Editor
Small, light weight, and flexible.
Three sizes of ear buds to accommodate most size ear canals.
Excellent sound quality with noise isolation.
Works with most devices. Great balance for treble and bass with true stereo.
Good cable length . Cons
Straight plug that sticks out an inch below the connection point.
No case for storage.
Microphone not voice isolating.